Irish Stew : Glutenfree


Irish Stew : Glutenfree


Ingredients: Irish Stew : Glutenfree








to serve four

1 lb / 450g stewing mutton

1 lb / 450g potatoes

4 oz / 100g onion, chopped

4 oz / 100g carrot, chopped

4 oz / 100g swede, chopped

1 oz / 25g cornflour

½ pint / 300ml water

salt to taste

fresh ground black pepper



Instructions: Irish Stew : Glutenfree


Trim any lumps of visible fat from the meat and cut into bite sizechunks. Scrub and slice the potatoes and place half as a layer on the bottomof a stewing pan. Cover with the meat, then the carrot and swede, then theonion and finally the remaining potato on top.

Mix the cornflour with a small amount of cold water to form a paste.Gradually mix in the rest of the water.

Sprinkle with the salt and pepper and add the water and cornflourto the stew.


Bring to the boil and then cover with a lid and simmer gently forat least one and a half hours, adding more water if necessary.

Irish stew can also be cooked slowly in the oven.

gas mark 5 375°F 190°C for half an hour to boil the stewand then

gas mark 2 300°F 150°C for one hour