These are recipes from the book: Gluten-free Cookery, The Complete Guide, Originally published by Hodder.


A Complete Cookery Book for Glutenfree Diets

A detailed guide to recipes and cooking for all gluten-free diets

It includes hundreds of recipes for everything from chocolate cake to bread and curry

There is a busy forum / message board where most questions get answered within a few days, if not the same day

I have to follow a gluten-free diet since being diagnosed as a celiac

many years ago. When I was first diagnosed there was no clear

and easily information available. I was asked to write a book to

fill this gap. This book is still regarded as one of the best that

explains how to cook for the coeliac diet. The second edition

is sold in bookshops worldwide. The second edition has simplified

many recipes and added yet more variety.

Gluten-free Cookery, recipes, ingredients lifestyle. The complete guide for Coeliac / Celiac



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The Gluten-free Support Group message board or forum for diets, ingredients, symptoms and diagnosis coeliac / celiac, non medical advice, publications Now celebrating 12 years on the web.




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