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Battery Electric Cars are fantastic to drive and low cost to run.

How to get the best energy prices in the UK?  Octopus Energy

Clean Renewable Energy will cost less than fossil fuels

Tutorial on how to use Kdenlive. Kdenlive is not only one of the best video editing programs, but also it is free.

Tutorials on working with HTML5 and CSS - web development

Resizeable: A video tutorial with code listings and explanations on the concept of resizeable in HTML and CSS

Tutorial: How to display code in web pages

Three different methods are described and explained, prism.js, google pretty print, and pure CSS.

Automating MyBB with Selenium and Python

Tutorials on using the free Leaflet Maps in your web pages

Tutorial: How to use free Leaflet maps on a web page

Cookery Books and Recipes

Recipes for Gluten-free Cookery, the complete guide, first published as a best selling book in 1993

Information about the gluten-free diet and the coeliac ( celiac ) condition


Amorn's Thai Cookery Blog Gluten-free

Coeliac discussion group from 2008

A detailed guide to recipes and cooking for food combining and the Hay diet

Gluten-free and Hay Diet books on Android and Kindle

Food Combining messageboard from 2006

Low fat and low sugar diets and recipes

Author's introduction - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book

Walks and wild flowers from the UK, Europe and around the World

Walking and exploring Dartmoor in Devon UK


Walks on the South West Coast Path:

Most of these are circular walks, with a few linear ones as well.

Walking and exploring Cornwall

Walks in East Devon


Walks on the Isle of Wight

Walking the Jersey coast path

Walking the Pembroke coast path in Wales

Maidencombe fields and cliffs bird sanctuary and nature reserve on the south west coast path, Torbay, Devon, UK

Walking in the Yorkshire Dales near Hawes, UK

Walks and wild flowers in the Alps:

Walking in Brittany France Coast path

Walking in the Dolomites

Walking on Cyprus

Walking and Cycling in Crete

Walking on the volcanic island of Lanzarote

Walking in the island of Madeira

Exploring Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife

Walking in New Zealand: North Island

Walking in Barbados - the east coast

Explore Thailand

Growing Oca from seed in Devon, UK

Gardens and Gardening Index:

Topics in teaching:

Ice Ages and Global Warming - Revisiting the theories of Professor Hapgood

The Charge Sheath Vortex and the Tornado

Coral Castle Fact or Fiction?

Serious Anomalies. Further exercises in critical thinking

Ancient History - fact or fiction

Is there life on Mars

Riding the Tornado

The Pragmatic Democratic Party

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