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Dolomites: La Villa, Piz la Ila, Path 4A, 23, Utia Pralongia, Path 22 San Cassiano, La Villa 2018:06:24

Dolomites: Badia La Crusc, path 15, 12A, 12, 15 to San Cassiano 2018:06:29

Dolomites: Corvara to Pralongia chair lift, to Pralongia Hut, 24A to Valparol , Piz Sorega, 21, 4, 4A Piz la Ila 2018:06:28

Dolomites: Jimmy Hut to Corvara and La Villa, Badia 2018:06:27

Dolomites: La Crusc and the alpine flower meadows of Armentara 2018:06:25

Dolomites Jimmy Hut to  Gardenacia Hut over the high plateau Puez-Odle 2018:06:26

Dartmoor walk, 10 miles from  Dartmeet ⇨ Walla Brook ⇨ Bellever⇨  Bellever Tor ⇨ Huccaby.  2018:06:15

Haddon Hill ⇨  Bury ⇨  Wimbleball Lake 11 miles 2018:06:13

south-west-coast-path A 7.5 mile walk from East Prawle to Gara Rock 2018:06:10

A Dartmoor walk, 12 miles,  from Shipley Bridge  ⇨  Western White Barrow  ⇨ Red Lake   ⇨ Broad Falls  ⇨ Snowdon  ⇨ Avon Dam 2018:06:06

Gluten-free tomato savoury bread 2018-06-03

Dartmoor walk from Harford Moor Gate  ⇨ Burford Down ⇨ Erme Plains ⇨ Erme Pound ⇨ Sharp Tor ⇨ Piles Hill. 10 miles 2018:06:03

Minced Beef Pudding: A gluten free bread mixture that includes miced beef and herbs. 2018-06-01

Maidencombe Fields and Cliffs: Rich in flowers and butterflies 2018:06:01

Dartmoor walk from Meldon Reservoir ⇨ Corn Ridge ⇨ Sandy Ford ⇨ Black-a-Tor Copse. 9 miles with Newton Abbot Ramblers 2018:05:27

A South Devon Garden 25th May 2018

Dorset: a circular walk from Beaminster to Hooke Park and the Jubilee Way 2018:05:23

Pease Pudding - gluten-free

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Maidencombe Fields and Cliffs Introduction: messageboard_sub_coeliac-celiac messageboard_sub_food_combining Gluten-free and Hay Diet books on Android and Kindle Profile: Peter Thomson


A video tutorial with code listings and explanations on the concept of resizeable in HTML and CSS

Tutorial: How to use Leaflet maps on a web page

The Leaflet map javascript library, combined with the wide range of open source maps available world wide have transformed our ability to create maps and display dynamic data.

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Three different methods are described and explained, prism.js, google pretty print, and pure CSS.
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Free from Gluten, recipes, Cookery and Lifestyle

Information about the gluten-free diet and the coeliac ( celiac ) condition

A detailed guide to recipes and cooking for food combining and the Hay diet

Low fat and low sugar diets and recipes Author's introduction - vegetarian lifestyle recipe book Video of general interest

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The Charge Sheath Vortex and the Tornado


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