10.A possible origin for the development of Pyramids

A possible origin for the development of Pyramids

Powerful forces, immense beyond belief that deliver fertile crops.
A force that builds a natural pyramid ( or rather a cone ) soon sculpted by the local population into a stepped pyramid. Its terraces provide fertile soil for an abundance of crops.

A force that roars with flame, and into whose mouth many sacrifices have been made.

A culture that originated where active volcanic cones dot the landscapecould well develop a religion based on the awesome power of a fresh erruption, and the rich terraces that followed soon after.
A leader burried within the core of such a volcanic cone would become part of the awesome power and the fertility of the terraces.

Such a culture, moving into new teritory would take with them the symbolism of the stepped pyramid, a hanging garden and the burial place of important leaders.
Over time the symbolism could degenerate into a mound of earth over theburial chamber, or evolve into the symetric structures of ancient Egypt.
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