3.Ancient Writings Samarangana Sutradhara and the charged sheath vortex tornado fusion drive

Ancient Writings Samarangana Sutradhara and the charged sheath vortex tornado fusion drive

These theories were developed originally to explain the development and formation of tornados. They involve no new science theory, merely application of what we already know.

I was struck by the similarities to an exercise used to teach students how to analyse information scientifically and with an open mind. See My UFO project

The coincidences seemed remarkable, so I did a little more research to see if anybody else was working in the same area. The matches came not from modern science, but translations of ancient Indian writings.

Now I would normally simply discard that as an interesting coincidence, nothing more.

But I decided to see if this could be used as another student exercise in analysing data and rationl scientific analysis.

The ancient Indian writings describe a technical civilisation with flight capabilities, possibly space flight, and this civilisation ends with horrendous weapons and what could be a very accurate description of a nuclear holocaust.

So what do we need before we can say, that on the balance of the evidence, this civilisation was real?

In order to start developing a knowledge of science and a technological base you must have copper, lead, tin, and iron, and be mining, smelting and processing these in sufficient quantities to leave a trace worldwide in ice cores. The Greek and Roman industrial development left a clear signature. Our ancient civilisation, if it existed, must also have left a similar trace.

Nuclear fission leaves a clear signature, and the fallout from a nuclear war should be clearly visible in cores of coral reefs.

Glass produced by a fission or fusion bomb over desert fusing the desert sand will remain.

Climatologists today emphasise that a nuclear winter would almost certainly follow a nuclear war, so too we should expect a nuclear winter to show its clear signature in ice cores and in the coral cores.

One of the less pleasant aspects of our current civilisation is the rapid loss of many of the larger animal species. We should expect a similar megafauna extinction event to have accompanied an ancient civilisation.

So, we have set our test for an ancient technological civilisation.

But there is a problem with dating the past.

If an ancient nuclear war did occur then carbon isotope ratios would not show a steady year by year change. During the period in which nuclear fusion and fission devices were in operation carbon isotopes would be produced that would make dating that period using carbon 14 analysis chaotic. This becomes another prerequisite of our test for a nuclear civilisation. Undisturbed sediment cores, ice cores and carbon from well stratified layers show chaotic dates.

We cannot use carbon 14 as the method of dating because of this possibility. Instead we must rely on counting year by year the ice in deep cores from the fluctuations in summer and winter snows, and in counting year by year through sediment cores from lakes where the bottom has never been disturbed,and the layers from the annual cycle is visible. We can do the same for coral growth. And tree rings from logs preserved in peat deposits provide another year by year counting method.

The ice cores can show temperature as well as mineral dust, and thereare now complete cores from the middle of the greenland ice cap.

Coral absorbs uranium from the surrounding sea water, Uranium decays radioactively into U234, and then into Thorium 230, at a known rate. So the thorium/uranium ratio accurately indicates the age of the coral, and by working back from the present concentration we can work out the concentration of uranium in the coral when it was alive. This same method can be used to date formations in limestone caves.

The Evidence for an Ancient Technological (Nuclear) Civilisation

When you plot graphs of all the key criteria I have set out against time and mark all those points that could be significant, they all line up at one point!

They line up at the end of the Dryas period!

The ice cores show that at the end of the last ice age temperatures increased steadily for the next thousand years. Traces of copper, tin and lead show marked increases!

The Older Dryas period ends abruptly with a dramatic drop in temperatures.

This may co-incide with megafauna extinction events of Mammoths as well as the megafauna of North and South America

Uranium concentrations in coral jump dramatically from about 1.5 parts per million to over 4 parts per million at about this period

Radio carbon dates at this period are chaotic! Studies of layered deposits laid down by lakes provide confirmation of irregularities in the chronological record. Fiedel cites studies of a Scandinavian lake-bed sequence, where a date reversal occurs in the deposits lying just beneath deposits indicating the onset of Younger Dryas. A radiocarbon date of 10,750 +/- 100 years B.P. occurs 16 centimeters below a date of 10,995 +/- 75. That 16 cm is possibly equivalent to about 500 years of deposition according to thelake-bed research. Fiedel says the 10,750 date is sandwiched between datesof 11,065 +/- 150 and 11,630 +/- 190 radiocarbon years.

This research by Svante Bjorck of the University of Copenhagen and colleagues on lake-bed deposits in Scandinavia revealed large jumps in radiocarbon age from around 11,400 to 10,900 years ago. Their Swedish lake-bed sediments dated by accelerator mass spectrometer and coeval German tree ring data revealed that after 11,000 to 10,900 radiocarbon years ago, radiocarbon dates suddenly leaped to 10,600 (Folsom-age). Further, Bjorck and colleagues reported that before a radiocarbon dip at around 12,600 years ago, there appears to have been an increased ratio of carbon-14 and that was preceded by another dip that began about 13,200 years ago.

Carbon-14 dates for pollen-bearing strata at Rotsee, Switzerland, show a comparable pattern. Fiedel reports that the stratigraphic sequence from the Swiss core reveals the following reversal in the column: at 795 cm,approximately 11,600 and 11,200 radiocarbon years; at 790 cm, 11,350 years;at 780 cm, 10,600 years; at 770 cm, 11,000 years; and at 760 cm (just afteronset of the Younger Dryas), 10,400 years. He notes that similar reversalsof AMS radiocarbon dates between 10,660-10,900 years ago have been reportedin Atlantic Canada lake-bed cores, for example at Splan Pond, where a radiocarbondate of 10,970 +/- 90 overlies a date of 10,690 +/- 80. ( see https://www.peak.org/csfa/mt12-4.html)

Fused desert sands have been found, notably in the Egyptian desert, but dates from fision track analysis (which assumes non nuclear origin) contradict geological observations on the ground.

Was there an ancient nuclear civilistation

All the evidence supports the hypothesis that a technological civilisation developed in the 1000 years immediately after the last ice age. It mined and smelted copper, lead, tin and almost certainly iron. During this period it hunted and destroyed all the megafauna predators from all continents,and destroyed most of the Mammoths, and the megafauna in the Americas. It developed a nuclear capability and then destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust. The nuclear holocaust was followed by a nuclear winter that returned the world to an ice age for a further 1000 years before the warmth returned.

It has taken 8000 years to recover from a nuclear war!!!

There is no evidence that suggests the nuclear winter was a natural event. It doesn't fit in with the expected global warming of the climate models.

So the evidence supports the hypothesis of an ancient technological civilisation - what are the implications?

A translation of ancient texts - The Samarangana Sutradhara

"They were propelled by air and inside is placed a mercury engine with an iron heating apparatus beneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury sets the driving whirlwind in motion. When it has been heated by the controlled fire from the iron containers a thunder power is developed through the mercury. If the iron engine with the properly wielded joints be filled with mercury and fire conducted into the upper part, it develops the power with the roar of the lion."

"..inside it (the vimana) one must place the mercury-engine with its iron heating apparatus beneath. By means of the 'power latent in the mercury' which sets the driving 'whirlwind' in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky in a most marvelous manner.

Similarly by using the prescribed processes one can build a vimana as large as the temple of the God-in-motion. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure.

When these have been heated by controlled fire from iron containers, the vimana develops thunder-power through the mercury. And at once it becomes a pearl in the sky.

Moreover, if this iron engine with properly welded joints be filled with mercury, and the fire be conducted to the upper part it develops power with the roar of a lion."

Nuclear Event in North America

see by Richard B.Firestone, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and WilliamTopping, Consultant, Baldwin, Michigan "Our research indicatesthat the entire Great Lakes region (and beyond) was subjected to particle bombardment and a catastrophic nuclear irradiation that producedsecondary thermal neutrons from cosmic ray interactions. The neutrons produced unusually large quantities of 239 Pu and substantially altered the natural uranium abundance ratios ( 235 U/238 U) in artifacts and inother exposed materials including cherts, sediments, and the entire landscape. These neutrons necessarily transmuted residual nitrogen ( 14 N) in the dated charcoals to radiocarbon, thus explaining anomalous dates."

My Commentary

I am still trying to confirm that this is a genuine extract from a genuine old document: The Samarangana Sutradhara.

The Vymaanika Shaastra is not an ancient document, but was written in early 1900. There is always the possibility that it was a document learnt by heart and later re-written, but its content, where intelligible, reflects the interests and technology of the late 1890s and 1900, plus recipes for making various types of glass. I would tend to discount it.

I have been investigating the validity of these translations and of the text itself. There is no doubt that some of these texts exist, and theremay be more scattered in old monasteries. There are many references to thesetexts in Indian government and scientific publications.

The original language of the text deals in concepts, and the interpreter has used their own understanding of science in creating the english language version. It seems highly likely that the texts contain more highly developed concepts than the present translation indicates. The texts cover a very wide range of topics, from town planning, health and hygiene including adetailed description of vaccination, to wide ranging discussion of mechanicsand scientific observation, method and theories.

All the areas that I have looked at reveal a local civilisation with knowledge and skills in many areas similar to our own in 2001. There is no reason to doubt from those texts that this civilisation did exist.

So when I examine some of the scientific works of these texts, I am reading them as a scientist accepting the text at face value. I find descriptions of electricity and mechanics that are in full agreement with todays science. I find descriptions of vimana, aircraft of many designs, that are all scientifically feasible, except that they require a powerful and controllable power source.

Now the text quoted above is one description of such a power source,but the translation is by a person who doesn't understand the concepts.

My translation:

"They were propelled by air and inside is placed a mercury engine with an iron box containing a radioactive source beneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury sets the driving vortex in motion. When it has been radiated by alpha particles from the iron containers a thunder power (this is most likely to be some sort of fission that can be controlled or catalysed by the mercury.) If the iron engine with the properly welded joints be filled with mercury and the hot mercury plasma is channeled into the upper part, it develops the power with the roar of the lion."

The hot mercury plasma could be used to drive a turbine, or directly used as the primary coil of a transformer to develop extremely powerful electromagnetic fields, and electricity.

After reading descriptions from the ancient Indian writings about thevehicle powered by the contents of a , metallic box and mercury, it seems to me that the contents of the metal box is the fuel. Perhaps a heavy metal isotope that dissolves in mercury. Fine droplets of this mercury fuel are then detonated by inducing fission through compression. Perhaps using a pinch effect from brief high voltage current through a plasma. Perhaps this is the same 'red mercury' that both German and Allied governments were searching for at the end of WW2.

If these experiments don't support my hypothesis then the ancient writings will remain for me an unexplained riddle. But if they do support my hypothesis, then I would change to 99% the probability of there having been a local technical civilisation somewhere on this planet in the past.

But remember why those ancient books were written. If the science and technology they describe stands up to close scrutiny, and it seems to, then the history and the reasons for writing the books should also be examined with care.

These books were written some time after a nuclear war in which two great civilisations destroyed themselves.

The remnants of these civilisations were attempting to record their knowledge for the future. They may have been written some time after the destruction, when the writers themselves may not have been the scientists who fully understood the concepts being described.

Changes may have been made in the texts as they were copied and recopied over the generations.

Please contact me if you can help with any of the following:

It should be possible to date this conflict using radioactive measurements of sediment cores taken in the great Indian rivers - assuming the civilisation was somewhere in India, but the remnants of the population displaced bynuclear war may have evacuated to India, and the battle may have taken place in another region of the world.

There are several glass deserts, where the desert surface has been fused to glass, and looks just like the effects of a fision or fusion bomb. Has anyone dated this glass to test the hypothesis that these were the sites of ancient bomb tests or war?

Are there any language scholars out there who can provide an english translation of concepts, rather than trying to identify the science, of the ancienttexts.

There are a few plants that could only have been distributed round the world at some time in the past by people. Papyrus is one of these. It originates in Egypt and the Sudan, but is also found in lake Titicaca in the Andesand on Easter Island. Has anyone done sediment cores in these lakes thatcould identify when it first started growing there?

UFO relevance

These ancient flying vehicles powered by a fission engines may have survived to the present day. It is much more likely than any alien hypothesis.

They are most likely to have survived away from any seismic zone, in a very dry atmosphere, and in underground caverns.

Those still flying today may be piloted by people who do not understand how they work, who have simply found them, or belong to a dynasty charged with looking after them, who no longer know their history or why they are there. People just like you and me, not aliens.

If you have access to an old vimana please let me know.

The arc of the covenant may have been an old vimana fusion power source, nothing magical, just a metal box containing powerful emitters of alpharadiation, and mercury. Opening the box will probably kill you!


There is one well documented artefact that is difficult to explain unless they have survived from this Dryas civilistation.

An aluminium belt from a tomb in China.

There have probably been many more artefacts found and discarded because of the ridicule heaped on any archaeologist who suggests that our civilisation may not have been the first. If you find such an artefact, it is vitally important to keep everything that surrounds it to help with dating. https://www.violations.dabsol.co.uk/descent/descentpart2.htm

Devices such as the calculating device from the floor of the Mediterranean may appear out of their time, but gear trains were well known and understood in ancient greece, and the mechanism of construction does not suggest itis out of place.

See https://etl.uom.gr/mr/Antikythera/price.htm

The Library at Alexandria

Jenny Jobbins delves into the story of what might have happened to theGreat Library built by the Ptolemies


Development of science in our society has been hindered by beliefs in magic, astrology, alchemy, religion and the scientific establishment. The key developments have been made by a few individuals prepared to accept the evidence of their own senses, and to devise experiments to explore further, and a willingness to create new hypotheses and discard any that do not match the evidence. There is no reason why small groups of individuals working to explore how the world works, could not have achieved much of todays macro science in a period of 1000 years. There are many aspects of todays science that they may not have investigated, such as our computers and electronic systems. We do not need to give them any superhuman characteristics ar achievements.

They may also have developed their own religious belief systems. Theyneed not have been any better or any worse than any of ours today.

Science may have developed in a very small group of people living in a small geographical area. They may have had no interest in teaching the scattered stone age tribes of the rest of the world.

After their holocaust, the people who understood the science may havebeen destroyed. What was passed on was a few artefacts, and a verbal historyof their race with an injunction to preserve the history as carefully aspossible.

This knowledge, a little of which could be understood and a few artefacts, gave great power and religious significance to those who held it and passed it on. It was passed on because it gave such power. It became the esoteric knowledge of secret societies, garbled and missunderstood.

The secrecy made the knowledge vunerable to destruction as stronger fighting forces sacked the ancient cities.

With the passing of time artefacts would stop working and fusion power sources would fail. A mercury fission engine is described as being used to frighten elephants with its noise!

Many documents may have survived as far as the great library of Egypt. Solon certainly indicated this was true. He may not have been able to read scientific texts, but maps would be understood, and mathematical texts could also probably be understood.

Many of our myths and legends may be the garbled history of a brief civilisation that flowered in the Dryas period before destroying itself.

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