2.Battery Electric Cars are fantastic to drive and low cost to run.

I have spent the past year trying to decide whether or not to buy a battery electric car.

You can see how my analysis developed in a series of videos.

I took a close look at Tesla vehicles and might have ordered the model Y if it had been available in the UK in 2020. See the next page for the analysis of Tesla models.

My priorities are space inside for two people plus cargo, efficient operation, raised driver position, and a well designed vehicle that is really fun to drive. And essential for me, a range from home of 250 miles.

Which long range EV should I buy? Tesla? Kia?

Kia Soul EV 2020 detailed review good and bad

Testing Camping in a Kia Soul EV 2020

Kia Soul EV 2020 Testing Regen and single pedal driving