Swiss Roll with Apple Jam Filling

A sponge cake baked with an apple filling

Bacon Quiche with Thai preserved vegetables Gluten-free and Dairy-free

Steamed Chinese Pork Buns

A dark gluten-free chocolate cake with a white coconut topping

Thai Fish Maw Soup with Bamboo Shoots Recipe

Kanum Crock - pounded rice buns with coconut

Rice Noodles with Tuna and mild Pepper Sauce

Salmon cooked in a Thai coconut and ginger spicy sauce. Chu Shi

Soft White Sponge cake with chocolate jelly topping

Thai tapioca buns with minced pork, roasted peanuts and preserved turnip. Saku sai moo.

Thai Pork Meat Balls: Look chin moo

Thai style preserved vegetables

Home made sausages Thai style