14.Thai Pork Meat Balls: Look chin moo


Spicey sour noodle soup with pork balls Pork balls served with sour rice noodle soup, chopped leeks and a garnish of chopped roasted peanuts.
The meat ball mixture ready for cooking The mixture for the Thai meat ball recipe in the bowl, ready for the next stage
Meat ball and boiling water A meat ball being dropped into the water
Creating the meat ball from the mixture Dropping the meat ball into the boiling water - water at the boil doesn't splash as much but take care.
The first few meat balls cooked and moved to the chilled water Chilling the meat balls helps them stay firm and keep longer.
The next batch of balls rises to the top Only cook a few at a time so that the water stays at a gentle boil
Meat balls chilling in water after cooking Chilling the meat balls before draining.