Walking in the Dolomites index

Walking in the Dolomites

The Dolomites provide a dramatic backdrop of mountain peaks to the alpine meadows. Paths are well maintained, clearly marked with informative signposts, and free maps from the tourist offices.

The gondolas and lifts get you quickly up into the mountains. We often go at the end of June for the best of the alpine flowers, but be prepared for the occasional cold or wet day.

We have sometimes made our own arrangements to travel and hired a car from the airport (book in advance). On other trips we have found the combination of flight times, airport and onward travel made it more sense to travel with a tour operator.

At the top of the gondola. Path 2 zig-zags up from the Jimmy Hut to the coll on the right

At the top of the gondola. Path 2 zig-zags up from the Jimmy Hut to the coll on the right.

Many images can be expanded by clicking on them, and then pan and zoom. But wait for the largest images to download.

On amp ( mobile images ) there is often a link to the large image that you can pan and zoom.

Dolomites: La Villa, Piz la Ila, Path 4A, 23, Utia Pralongia, Path 22 San Cassiano, La Villa 2018:06:24

Dolomites: La Crusc and the alpine flower meadows of Armentara 2018:06:25

Dolomites Jimmy Hut to  Gardenacia Hut over the high plateau Puez-Odle 2018:06:26

Dolomites: Jimmy Hut to Corvara and La Villa, Badia 2018:06:27

Dolomites: Corvara to Pralongia chair lift, to Pralongia Hut, 24A to Valparol , Piz Sorega, 21, 4, 4A Piz la Ila 2018:06:28

Dolomites: Badia La Crusc, path 15, 12A, 12, 15 to San Cassiano 2018:06:29

Dolomites: Walking back to Canazei from the Col Rodella gondola 2017:06:25

Dolomites Canazei gondolas to Col del Rossi, walk to Pass de Pordoi, then gondola to Saas Pordoi, and walk all the way back.

Dolomites: Marmelada, one man chair, path back to Col del Rossi 2017:06:27

Dolomites: Col Rodella to Pass Duron along the Friedrich August Weg then down the Duron Valley to Capitello 2017:06:28

Dolomites: Vigo di Fasa Ciampedie Vael 2017:06:29

Dolomites: Pozza di Fassa to Ciampac and down to Canazei 2017:06:30

Dolomites: Selva, Val Gardena, Wochenstein. Ciampanoi to Paso Sella 2016-06-21

Dolomites: Walk from the top of the Dantercepies Gondola 2016-06-22

Dolomites: Seiser Alm, Alp di Suzi. Almost to the Duron Pass, back via Saltria 2016:06:23

Dolomites: Col Raiser ⇨Regensberger Hutte ⇨Batita⇨ Seceda  ⇨Regensberger Hutte ⇨S Cristina 2016:06:24

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