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Complete Food Combining is the bestselling revolutionary modern handbook for all those concerned with healthy eating. Practical and easy-to-use, it contains all you need to know about food combining in one volume.

Full explanation of the nutritional principles and scientific evidence linking food combining with good health, ideal weight and increased vitality.

Diets for people at all stages of life, including pregnancy, babies, toddlers, children, healthy adults and 60-plus.

Special diets - low sugar and diabetic, wheat-free and gluten-free, for arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergy and intolerance and other conditions.

Comprehensive analysis of hundreds of ingredients from protein and starch percentages to acid/alkali balance figures.

Mouthwatering and nutritious recipes and menus - from packed lunches to entertaining.

Sensible and down-to-earth recommendations for entertaining, from food for the family, children's parties and entertaining on a budget, to special occasions and eating in restaurants.

Complete Food Combining is published by Bloomsbury as a paperback, ISBN 0747552371 and can be purchased through most good book stores and health food stores.

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