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A diet for weight loss: from Peter on 2007-05-27

A recent study at the Children's Hospital, Boston, may explain why some people lose weight on a particular diet and others do not.

They put overweight young adults on either a low fat, or a low sugar (low-glycaemic load (L-GL)) diet.

The L-GL diet limits the intake of foods that raise blood sugar levels quickly such as white bread, and refined breakfast cereals, potato, carrots.

Those people who naturally produce high levels of insulin lost more weight on the L-GL diet, losing an average of 5.8 kilograms over 18 months compared to just 1.2 kg for people on the low-fat diet. They also lost significantly more of their body fat.

So if you are following this diet in order to lose weight, it is worth trying to keep to a low-glycaemic load to see if you benefit from this.

Base your main meals on protein plus fruit and vegetables. (no added sugar)

If you have a starchy meal make sure that it is low glycaemic load such as brown rice, millet, whole grain wheat, with no refined flour, no refined breakfast cereals, no potato or carrots or parsnips.