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acid and alkaline: from on 2004-03-02

br /> i read in a post earlier that any advise to do with acid and alkaline you should ignore..

isnt that a lot of the basis of food combining - because the stomach/small intestine releases a base to break down starches and and an acid to break down proteins. so if you eat starches with protein the acids mix and neutralise each other and the food sits in your stomach getting churned and you dont get all the nurtients etc.

can anyone explain why the alkaline/acid stuff is not true?

ive read a bit on the internet and although a lot of people discredit the need to alkalise your body and you dont need to food combine they dont actually say why... what are the arguments against food combining/alkalising

Re: acid and alkaline: from Peter on 2004-03-16

When food analysis was done by Dr Howard Hay, he wrote up his work using the scientific terminology of his day. He noted the proportion of the alkaline earth elements in the ash left after burning a sample of food in oxygen.

This terminology was not understood by several of the journalists writing diet books for profit. They thought that Dr Hay was refering to acid or alkaline as in the pH of food, which he was not.

The stomach does not produce extra acid in response to the pH of the food that we eat, but in response to the level of protein. A meat meal needs an acid environment for the proteases in the stomach to work effectively. A starch meal does not require this acid environment.

Even acid foods, such as citrus fruit, or pickled onions do not contain enough acid to have any significant effect on the stomachs acidity.

Dr Howard Hays reference to the alkaline earth elements was part of an instruction to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Re: acid and alkaline: from Manfred Heidinger on 2006-12-11

Yes, I do know the difference between acidic and alkaline food or, what ash is being left by the respective foods after digestion. However, I would be very happy

and thankful to learn about the correct combining of foods since, as I understand from different sources, that the key to alkalizing one's body is the correct combination of acidic with alkalizing foods to reduce the putrefication in the body.

Could you kindly respond to my question, possibly teach me a few new things on how to stay healthy?


Manfred Heidinger

P.S. You wouldn't happen to know of a Healing Recipe to successfully deal with my wife's Rheumatoid Arthritis? Thank you.