9.acid reflux and headaches Moderated discussion and help for Food Combining and the Hay diet, Cookery and recipes, Starch or Protein

acid reflux and headaches: from Allison on 2006-10-25


I suffer badly from acid at night and the pain in my eosophogus seems to radiate up to my ears, and I have such terrible headches just lately. It seems to be worse when I eat or drink warm foods. And I find that if I eat bread or pasta ithurts to swallow or it feels like I am swallowing a rock, is this because of the starch? I am learning reflexology and it is my tutor who told me about this way of eating, I live in spain and it would be easier for my daughter to purchase the book back in the uk can you tell me where she would be able to get hold of a copy of your book?

I feel this might be the only way forward for me now as the omeprozol doesn't seem to work anymore and I am feed up with treating this with pills and potions.

I have been told that my cholesterol is quite high will this way of eating along with exercise help to reduce it?