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Re Any recipes diets: from lib on 2008-06-12

Two simple recipes that I used long ago (1983) and now have to return too, are brown rice and snow peas (stir-fried in a bit of oil - but not in a "Teflon" pan - any stainless steel skillet will do - and if you lower the heat, you may have the peas absorbing more oil - but you won't get the oil splatter) - and if you can tolerate it, used a small amount of organic brewed soy sauce. The second one is whole wheat pasta shells, garlic and frozen peas (I tried wheat macaroni and it tasted awful) - cook one cup of pasta first - drain the water, and in a small amount of olive oil over med. heat, cook the pasta, some fresh minced/diced garlic, and brown a little, then add the peas and cook until heated through. It's good fast food for lunch for it can be made the night before - I'd take it to work, and I was one bouncy bunny! I found this site because I need to return to food combing, and was looking for a variety of recipes - thanks to Mr. Thomson I've made a start