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bacon / eggs, cheese: from Abier on 2004-03-17

Hello all
I've been reading about diet and nutrition for some time, tried a bunch of different diets and finally came across the food combining method. Looks like the answer to my dietary prayers. :-)

I do have a couple questions if anyone can help.

I understood that we shouldn't mix proteins, but I saw that some have bacon and eggs for breakfast. Is this okay? Same for cheese and eggs, or cheeseburgers sans bun.

Some sites list cheese as protein some as neutral. Same for nuts. As for most beans Ive seen some say stay away completely and others treated as starch OR protein. (Although it did make sense to me that they are known to cause flatulence since they are mix of both starch and protein.)

What would be a good explanation for the differences in these combining methods and would we be in danger of throwing the diet off if we choose one or the other?

Thanks for your time

Re: bacon / eggs, cheese: from Peter on 2004-03-24

Egg and bacon are both protein.
hard cheese is high in protein, but some soft cheese has much lower protein levels.

I tend to regard dried beans as protein, fresh beans as vegetable. But keep amounts of dried beans very low.


Re bacon / eggs, cheese: from Peter on 2006-03-02

Peanut butter is fat /oil - use wherever you would use other fats.


Re bacon / eggs, cheese: from on 2006-03-04

Thanks for your reply. So, that would mean I could have a peanut butter & sugar free jelly sandwich on high fiber bread? Oh my gosh... I may have found heaven on earth.