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Breadfruit: from Gill Arkley on 2001-07-27


I actually live in Liverpool (Merseyside) and was wondering if you knew where I could get hold of some breadfruit? It's availability seems very limited over here. My husband & I first tasted it a few years ago in Barbados. I wish it was more readily available in Britain! Have you any suggestions? If so, I would be very grateful!

Many thanks!

Gill Arkley (Mrs

Re: Breadfruit: from on 2002-11-21

Mrs Arkley,
You could try to get breadfruit from Mata's (Indian & ethnic food/grocery shop) on middle Bold street in Liverpool city centre. If it isn't available there u can definitely make a request for it with the proprietors who themselves run the shop. Also, there is a carribean/ west indies restaurant next door to Mata's. You could ask them & find out where to get breadfruit. I hope this helps. =o)
Good luck!

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