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cereal: from on 2001-09-08

hi peter i have also been reading marilu henner's books on food combining and she said you should have fruit first thing in a.m. does it really matter. i would prefer to have my cereal instead. linda

Re: cereal: from on 2001-09-10

HTML>I eat cereal first thing every morning.


Re: cereal: from on 2002-05-22

This must be a very personalized thing. With Low Blood Sugar (which strikes me in the morning), I find fruit works best. Then again, fresh fruit on an empty stomach cleans a person out - literally (I find that now, I don't even tolerate some foods like I used to

Rice milk/cereal: from on 2003-07-26

does rice milk over a whole grain cereal make digestion difficult? second what kind of whole grain cereals/rice milk do yall eat?? Thanks

Re: Rice milk/cereal: from on 2003-10-23

I was told by my nutritionist that I can combine oatmeal with rice milk. I seem to digest it just fine. Try a little honey on top

honey and cereal: from Jo on 2006-06-10

Hi, I've been reading a book about food combining and am about to give it a try but am concerned about breakfast. The book mentions honeyed porridge but does not go into further details. Now as I understand it, honey and cereal are bad combinations. It's ok to eat porridge or oatmeal for breakfast but is there anything anyone can suggest to put on it or must I eat it on it's own. what do you have for breakfasts? Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. The book is very good but breakfasts are not really featured short of eggs or fruit. I don't really kike eggs and would fruit fill me up?
Thank you for reading, any help would be appreciated.

honey and cereal: from Denise on 2009-11-08

Try maple syrup and cinnamon on your porridge it's very nice

honey and cereal: from Gill Pell on 2010-02-27

Hello There

I know sugar should be cut out and I guess that includes honey but I dont think a little honey to sweeten your porridge would hurt. Or have you thought about adding dates? They would sweeten the porridge and they are appropriate for a starch meal.

I love warm stewed apple sweetened with fruit juice and sliced preserved ginger for my breakfast. With a slice of wholemeal bread it makes a filling breakfast

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