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Confused-Mix different Proteins together: from sara doepke on 2006-01-05

Hi Pete,

I just want to say what a great help this web site is.You are doing a great job!
I have been following and reading the fit for life book and what they say and what you say are different when it comes to food combining. They say that you should not mix chicken and cheese together or nuts and cheese. You say it is ok. I did a search on this topic and different web sites say different things.
How can there be 2 different schools of thought for food combining. I want to make sure i am doing it right.
In fit for life they say you should not combine any fruits after any meal.You say it is ok.
Some people say nuts is netural and some say it is a protein. Which is right?

My last questions is You say hummos is a protein and should not be eaten with bread and then in another posting you say eat it with vegs. Which way is proper food combining.
With all these people saying different things it get rather confusing.
I hope you can help me as i am rather confused

Confused-Mix different Proteins together: from s of food combining books did not understand the language us on 2006-01-05

I got into the subject of food combining when I was asked to investigate the Hay diet, and food combining, and evaluate whether there might be any truth or value in it.
Dr Howard Hay was an interesting person, who took a scientific interest in the content of food, and analysed food with great care to see what it contained.
It was clear to me that some would improve the digestion, and allow our bodies own appetite mechanisms to control how much we eat. Dr Howard Hay was essentially a practical man advocating a simple and effective diet. There is no point in adding complicated rules that make the diet too difficult to follow- especially when there is no evidence for them!

So when you select a meal, simply decide whether it is to be mainly starch, or mainly protein. A protein meal can be based on any protein. A starch meal on any natural starch.
To your meal you can add anything that is neither rich in starch or rich in protein. This is most fresh fruit and leafy vegetables.

Nuts vary a lot. Some are rich in protein, others in starch. To avoid complications, eat nuts with fresh fruit or vegetables. I keep nuts for snack lunches.

All proteins are built from the same group of chemicals called amino acids, and are broken doen into these amino acids in your digestive sytem. I see no evidence that a mix of protein would be digested in any way differently from a single source of protein.

I hope that helps


Confused-Mix different Proteins together: from Blabberfingers on 2006-03-04

I've been quite successful at mixing proteins - I eat sausage & eggs quite often for breakfast. I do not eat fruits with any other food at all, I leave it strictly for a meal by itself, usually my dinner meal. I may eat 4 bananas, an apple & some apricots together and am quite happy with my weight loss. Still, I feel I have so much yet to learn about this way of eating. I have found that I can eat more eating this way and still lose than any 'diet' I've ever tried before. I require lots of food, so this is perfect for me.

Confused-Mix different Proteins together: from Emily on 2006-05-24

I've read every "healthy" eating lifestyle book out there and tried most of them. What I've learned is that there's no one diet for everybody. I was a vegan vegetarian for 3 years, and never felt worse. I ended that fad with the raw food diet which almost killed me.

Then I found out that neither my body type nor my blood type supported a vegetarian diet. I started adding meat and lo and behold, felt much better. Over the past eleven years of experimentation I've learned two things. First, everybody responds differently to different foods, even at different times in their lives. For instance, the blood type books insist that walnuts and swiss chard are supposed to be good for me, because I'm a blood type O. But both foods make me bloated and gassy. On the other hand, I do quite well with a few of the foods on their "foods to avoid" list.

Second, I've learned that all the diets that claim to have miraculous results have two things in common they have you increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and have you eliminate processed foods from your diet.

I don't mix meat and starches at the same meal because I'm miserable if I do. Beyond that, you have to experiment find out what works for you.

Confused-Mix different Proteins together: from Louise Steyn South Africa on 2007-04-22

I agree with you Emily.. Right at this moment, I have a mouth so sore, it hurts all over. I followed a diet where I had to finish at least ONE pineapple in my morning eating. I almost cried eating the last slice. No more! Others thrive on it on the same diet. We all are so unique and different.


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