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Constipation with food combining diet: from Joanna on 2006-05-13

Hallo again Peter,

Since going onto the food combining diet I've been having problems with chronic constipation. I do have a history of chronic constipation and this worries me as I don't want to go back down this road.

I came to food combining because of stomach problems, as opposed to bowel problems. I managed to be quite regular (daily) before changing my diet. Now it's every 2/3 days.

Since food combining I've had to cut out raw oats for breakfast because I sank like a stone afterwards. Am now wondering whether the constipation is due to a change in the amount of grain I'm now eating (less), although my diet wasn't high in grains before (very little wheat).

I'm now eating more raw veg as salads, and a lot more fruit, which I hardly touched before, and so I would have thought that this would be enough fibre to keep me going!

Any comments would be very much appreciated,

Thanks, Joanna

Constipation with food combining diet: from Joanna on 2006-05-15

Hallo Peter and anyone else who may be interested in this topic!

I have now understood that my IBS has been irritated by my approach to food combining.

I can't eat fruit, raw veg, nuts, seeds, and high protein foods on their own in the way that I started to do following this diet. My GI tract has reacted very badly.

My conclusion is that food combining is very useful but that I have to adapt it to my own body's requirements, with suitable foods for IBS.