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Day one review: from on 2001-08-28

dear Peter,

Well it's almost the end of day one and whilst I'm not sure I've done everything possible, I've had a good go at it!

Firstly, I have to say I have food in the fridge that I can't afford to waste, so I'm trying to incorporate as best as possible.

I missed breakfast as I was up too late. Then I had pasta with spinich, and some delicious wholemeal bread I made.

Tea was harder, I really wanted carbohydrate! But I stuck with it and had cut up raw veggies, with a little bit of ham and some low fat cheese. I also had some dips made from fromage frais. Then I had a yogurt for afters.

How does this sound? I am going along the right path?

I have had a few mugs of tea and decaff coffee too, and chilled water throughout the day. (I take medication that makes me very thirsty)

I wanted to ask a few questions too, I hope that's OK:

1. Are baked beans a protein or a carb?
2. I read that beans and pulses are not recommended. Have I got this right?
3. Am I supposed to alternate foods? IE one meal with protein, the next with carbs/starch? Or could I have 2 the same in a row?
4. Can I have fruit in between meals?

Thanks ever so much.

I've treated myself to a credit card delivery shop from Sainsbury and looked through the recipes and chosen some great meals for the next few days too.

Thanks for having such a cool informative site and for this discussion board.


Re: Day one review: from on 2001-08-30

Sounds like you've got the right idea.

Typically you would have starch breakfast, starch lunch and protein evening, but it doesn't matter which order, and fruit snacks between meals are OK provided you don't turn them into another meal.

You could have three starch meals in a day, but not more than one protein a day.

Sprouted peas and beans can be used as a vitamin rich vegetable with any meal, but dried peas and beans should be eaten as part of a protein meal, and not more than 1 oz of dried beans in a day, as they are not easy to digest.
I would treat baked beans as a protein meal.


Re: Day one review: from janet on 2010-04-01

hi peter i have just started the hay diet .day one yesterday breakfast was wholemeal toast with marmite, lunch 2 oat cakes with humus, dinner chicken and salad and apple with cottage cheese is this ok. is it all right to have a protein day then a carb day and is tofu protein or carb. i have also been eating jalapeno chillies and drinking green tea as i have heard they burn calories and i love hot spicy food

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