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EXCESS WIND: from on 2003-11-07

I have been food combining for around five weeks now and have started to experience discomfort in my stomach and excess wind. I have been to the Dr who said she thinks it is due to the change in diet.Thw whole point of starting the diet was to feel better but this is very uncomfortable. Am I doing something wrong here

Re: EXCESS WIND: from Peter on 2003-11-08

It may be that you are eating too much of some foods that disagree with you.
Try eating as wide a variety of foods as possible, not eating the same food all the time, and keep a note of any symptoms.
This may help you identify the food that is causing the problem.


Re: EXCESS WIND: from on 2003-11-10

Thanks Peter,

I think I know what's causing it in that case. It is very easy to get stuck into having the same thing for breakfast at work so I'll try varying it

Re: EXCESS WIND: from on 2004-07-20

When I quit eating melons that helped *a lot.* I also reccomend a daily "probiotic" which has bacteria strains like acidophilus. There are a number of products available. "Culturelle" can be speical ordered through Longs or Riteaid drugstores. Or you can find "Flora protect" or "Primal Defense" online. Plus you might want to replace some of your vegetables with fresh veggie juice. Good luck and hang in there

Re: EXCESS WIND: from on 2004-07-24

When is the best time to take a probiotic? Mornings? Before meals? With meals? Please advise

Re: EXCESS WIND: from on 2004-07-24

I take them with my first meal of the day and then again as needed (say, if I get gas.) That seems to help. In addition I avoid drinking liquids too close to my meals, avoid iced drinks and try to and have most of my fruits separately in the earlier part of the day. (I still tend to eat too quickly, I need to chew more thoroughly. That would help a lot.)
Good luck to you :)

Re: EXCESS WIND: from kelly on 2004-10-13

Hello i found this on the bbc.co.uk website.

Add herbs and spices to meals which will aid digestion, especially when you are eating food which is known to cause wind. Try fennel seeds, thyme, sage and caraway.

Eat a live yoghurt every day to provide adequate supplies of the bacteria which aid digestion. (as mentioned by someone else)

Herbal teas such as fennel and mint can help digestion.

Peppermint tea can relax the muscles of the bowel and stop the discomfort that makes many people feel the need to belch or pass wind. (works for me, not tried the others yet)

I also find drinking more than 1 cup of water at a time gives me trapped wind. I hear you're supposed to sip water throughout the day so that might be why.
BUT sipping hot water makes me burp and helps release gas. Advice handed down from my gran. You should try it

Re: EXCESS WIND: from Miss B on 2007-11-09

I was wondering if combining the wrong food substances was maybe the cause of all my intestinal bloating. I'm 22 and generally healthy participating in many sports and dance classes but recently (last 8 months) I have become drained of energy and have extreme intestinal bloating yet my diet has not changed. I eat very healthily being intolerant to wheat, yeast and dairy and have a low sugar diet. I always make sure I eat my "five-a-day" portion of fruit and veggies and do not eat much meat rather instead oily fish. I have also noticed I cannot seem to lose weight rather I have gained.

After I eat a meal; any kind of meal, within 30 mins my intestines start to bloat out and in severe cases I look up to 4 months pregnant and it is all air. It is really bad when I eat pulses or potatoes or buy (dairy/wheat-free) packaged foods or drink carbonated, juices or alcoholic drinks! I have been to many doctors about it but they have not helped and have left it as "an abandoned case" because they don't know what to do and since I am not "celebrity-rich" I cannot afford to go to a specialist etc. One thing I do hear regularly though is "you are too young to be having this kind of problem!" It doesn't help! It is very painful and the bloating/swelling is so extreme and hard that I cannot fit into my clothes and consequently this bloating has also resulted in chronic constipation where I was admitted 3 times to A and E within 2 months. I cannot also seem to pass the air easily either yet after 2 coloscopies and 2 endoscopies and a week starvation in hospital everything was proven clear and normal. It has been 8 months now that I have been suffering and the doctors just keep giving me laxatives and anenemas to prevent the constipation but this is not a solution for long term and I still have so much bloating.

I recently heard about food combining and wondered if this was perhaps a cause for it? I mean in the sense that I mix protein and starches together. I have since tried food combining and I still bloat out but admittedly not as much but my problems still persist.

Could you advise or help me further?

Many kind regards

Re: EXCESS WIND: from Peter on 2007-11-09

It sounds that you are eating a healthy diet, and weight gain suggests your digestive system is working properly. The problem is the release of gas which is always generated by digestion.

Passage of gas is helped by ensuring a reasonable level of fiber in the diet - cook potato in their skins, eat apple and pear peel, raisins, other dried fruit, brown rice..

Passage of gas is also helped by gentle exercise after each meal and particularly being in an environment where you can release the gas. You can also gently massage the stomach to encourage movement

Re: EXCESS WIND: from N on 2009-10-24

I have just began food combining, and my energy levels (which have been low for ages) have increased.

I had a lot of trouble with bloating / trapped wind - general IBS type problems.

Digestive enzymes were recommended to me. Within a few days, the symptoms had all but disappeared.

Now over a year later i am fine as long i take the digestive enzymes

You can get these digestive enzymes from health food shops.

Don't know if the food combining will help my bloating issues as yet, but i am starting to feel better generally.

Good Luck