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exercise and diet: from on 2002-03-04

Can anyone please advise, I teach aerobics classes and have a part time job, and a family. I have been combining for 18 months give or take a few mistakes and can't seem to get on track with how best to eat when I expend so much energy I'm constantly tired and have had various blood test taken which all came back clear.

please advise

Re: exercise and diet: from Peter on 2002-03-09

I found I had a problem with simply not getting enough energy for a very active lifestyle.
I add olive oil when cooking rice, potatoes etc. This is how the mediterranean lifestyle people originally got their energy - bread and olive oil! I find this works well.


Re: exercise and diet: from on 2004-03-23

Hello Davina.

Make breakfast your largest meal of the day. You will probably not be able to do that to begin with but if you gardualy cut back on your evening meal then you will find you can do it. Make sure to have plenty of breakfast. I work in construction and burn a lot of calories. My breakfast is always the highest calorie meal of the day. I eat again at 10.00am, 1.00pm, 4.30pm and 6.00pm. The last two meals are smaller than the rest of the day. Olive oil is a good way to bump up the calories in the day. Bananas are very good for energy. In fact high calorie fruit like bananas and mangoes make a very good breakfast but you would probably be better off eating them seperately or the mango first. Just make sure you are getting enough calories early in the day

Re: exercise and diet: from on 2004-03-23

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