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First day of food combining: from on 2004-01-06

I did the hay diet years ago and managed to loose weight. N ow several years later I want to loose weight and improve my diet, and so I've started it again today,and cooked my first two meals.

Today I had porridge with banana for breakfast, and cauliflower cheese (recipe from hay diet)awith some ham. For pudding, some dried apricots soaked in water with yoghurt .At work I take a flask of coffee (milk added) and eat fruit (apples, pears, oranges and bananas) throughout the shift, and drink water.

I work nights starting at 930pm, getting home at about 8.30am, and then usually going straight to bed. My 'breakfast' is at about 3pm and my 'lunch' at 715pm,.

Any thoughts on the above menu planning

Re: First day of food combining: from Peter on 2004-01-08

That looks like a healthy set of balanced meals for a day.

Remember that healthy weight loss must be accompanied by plenty of exercise, otherwise you lose your muscle, not your fat - you become slimmer but not healthier.


Re: First day of food combining: from on 2004-01-14

Im in to my 3rd week of the hay diet and so far stuck 2 it, but not lost any weight. I do love exercise so usually go 2 the gym 5-7 days a week, plus I do a kick boxin class one hr a week. Could it be im exercisin 2 much, so my fat is turnin more 2 muscle, therefore not loosin anyhting on the scales? Or am i just 2 impatient

Re: First day of food combining: from Peter on 2004-01-17

A simple test of fat/muscle is to relax in a pool of fresh water.
If you float easily then more fat.
I f you float with only the top of your head above the surface then you are mostly muscle.


Re: First day of food combining: from on 2004-01-17

i cant swim

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