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Food Combining and Meat: from on 2003-09-01

Peter & readers:
Having experienced 3-4 mini-strokes (dizziness, momentary almost-blackouts,
loss of balance) all within a week of each other, and a disconcerting persistent blood surge from my naval upwards & missing heartbeat, I figured I MUST change my way of eating BEFORE I seek guessing and trial and error pills from the medicos...

By chance, at the library, I came across a book written by a skin doctor that recommended increasing the meat intake & eating 5-6 small meals a day, etc etc.
I was already eating a 'good' diet & one meat meal a day, so, to experiment, I started increasing my meat intake so that I was eating small amounts of fish and/or meat 6 times a day....And THAT's when I saw the most startling change in my body. My flat (for instance) forearm muscles, within 24 hours, became full...and my skin became tighter and rosy, and I swear, I lost ten years from my face..

Then, with web searching, I came across.Dr. Hay's concept of eating as you prescribe..
Since I'm a "prove it to me"person, I decided to fit that in with the increased meat eating and again, another GREAT surprise, I found that I can eat twice as much food as I've ever eaten and not put on one extra ounce of weight...In fact, the redistribution of weight to their proper places on my body on starting this way of eating, I found to be amazing.

Your treatise on diet following the Hay's Plan is excellent, but I might remark on the eating of one meat meal a day. I'd recommend eating more meat than that, since meat builds muscles and if you are not building muscles and are a busy person, than your body is using your muscles as energy in order to achieve what it is you are doing, resulting in flat muscle areas and loss of energy, etc..I think that eating small amts of meat more often is the way to go.

Before changing to this way of eating I WAS eating one meat meal a day, and in general observing a pretty healthy eating regimen (or, so I thought), but my weight would fluctuate constantly, and I had a real skin problem, felt w/out energy generally, and looked my age..

By adding additional meat/fish/protein to my diet and observing the No starchy foods with meats, and NO meats or acidy foods with starchy foods, I have, without a doubt, regained my youthfulness, have more energy and a BETTER body, in all ways than I had before. My unpleasant dry, scaly, pre-cancerous skin condition gradually disappeared... I have not experienced a dizzy spell or momentary blackout since I changed over.... Believe me or not, as you wish, but do as I did...Give it a try and see what happens. Since I was only about 5 lbs overweight, I saw the difference in 24 hours, but ten days was a cincher....and now I have encouraged my adult children to follow this food plan as much as possible with themselves and their families.

What could be easier than eating meat and acidy fruit and tons of raw veggies-- and the next meal cooked veggies, starchy breads and baked potatoes, and raw veggies, and fruit. By alternating these starchy and meat meals, just leave enough time inbetween the meat eating meal and the bread/potato meal, and not eating again until you get hunger pangs..... Let your hungry pangs be the guide to when your next meal is... I've always loved to eat and for my lifetime denied myself all kinds of food in the interest of a nice looking body...Now, I'm eating all the time it seems, and enjoying it more and more and look better than I have in 30 years.. I look younger and feel better and that terrible blood surge stopped after the first ten days..my skin cleared up, etc etc... Oh, Also..My pulse rate went from a steady 72 beats per minute to 60 beats per minute... What more can one want out of life than to look great and feel great with just a simple change in eating? <smile> Bye. Frances

Re: Food Combining and Meat: from on 2003-09-05

I thought that what you wrote was very interesting. I began the Hay diet of eating for about 3 weeks, and found that within that time period, even though my weight was dropping, my nails were starting to peel and chip constantly, and I felt very hungry after the lunch meal. I wondered if eating protein for breakfast again would help to cure this. I decided to check the forum to see what I could find. I found your posting. My problem is knowing what to eat, I find that things get a bit boring, I was just wondering what a typical day of eating was like for you.

I do agree with the theory that separating the protiens and starches is a great idea, I do feel better for that, the bloated and sickly feeling after meals has gone.


Re: Food Combining and Meat: from lucinda on 2008-03-05

I am on an ayurvedic diet for Vata-Pita and trying the food combining but cannot seem to find recipes using flesh; I am allergic to dairy including casein and whey so am told I should eat some meat. Any recipes?

P.S. The food combining diet is fantastic but I do not enjoy eating as much.

Thanks, Lucinda

Re: Food Combining and Meat: from Peter on 2008-03-05

Look under the link for protein meals - meat in the food combining book pages