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Food Combining and Toddlers: from Karen on 2009-06-11

My niece is into the food combining and has lost 25 lbs. She also has a 2 1/2 old child and has him on food combining as well. She still breastfeeds him. He constantly falls down as he doesn't have the muscle mass in his legs to withstand falls and there is next to nothing in muscle mass. Isn't this going to far and isn't this dangerous? He doesn't have the thickness in his legs as other toddlers do. I believe in healthy eating for everyone, but shouldn't infants through toddlers be eating organic baby jarred food? She won't even allow him that and our whole family is told not to feed him this and not to feed him that. We feel it is on the verge of starvation for this child. Please advise as to what I can do for him.

Food Combining and Toddlers: from Peter on 2009-06-11

If the child looks as malnourished as you suggest you have to ensure that the child's doctor is aware of this. There may be other things wrong with the child, but you have to make sure that this is not starvation. If your niece won't allow you to go with her to see the doctor, you have to ensure that the social support services are aware of the situation. You must check yourself that the doctor has recently seen the child - unfortunately you cannot always rely on the childs parent in a situation like this

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