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Ali's meals for the day..especially for Linda: from on 2001-09-05

Hiya Linda,

As promised here is what I've eaten today.

breakfast: fruit and fibre with skimmed milk

lunch: baked potatoe with salad, with sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and raisons

tea: bacon steak, with more of the above salad and cherry yogurt

I will have some fruit this evening, but I'm not too well today and will probably have tinned fruit in natural juice as it's cheaper and I find it easier to eat!!!

So, what have you eaten today?

Love Ali

Re: Ali's meals for the day..especially for Linda: from on 2001-09-05

hi ali for breakfast i had some kashi friends cereal and bagel with cream cheese.for morning break i had a banana. for lunch i had 2 peaches and half red pepper. when i got home from work i had oatscream. what is oatcream i bet you are wondering? oatscream is icecream made from oat and natural flavorings. i get it at a hfs in minnesota. they have choc, vanilla and strawberry, which i haven"t tried . i think i am going to like the chocolate the best. supper i think i aqm going to have a pork chop and a salad with oil and vinegar on it. how does that sound for the day. i hope you have a good day and thanks, it really helps e-mailing each other back and forth. thanks again for the menu. linda

for Linda: from on 2001-09-17

Dear Linda,

Just wanted to check how you are? I know you're in the USA, and my heart is with you.

Hope you're OK

Ali x

Re: for Linda: from on 2001-09-17

hi ali thank you so much for thinking of me. it has really been very emotional, it like i lost someone in that terrible mishap. it seems to me that everyone is getting more friendly towards each other and also closer. it to bad that something like this has to happen to make that happen. thank you again for caring. linda p.s. did you ever get on to the marilu .com website