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Breadfruit: from Gill Arkley on 2001-07-27


I actually live in Liverpool (Merseyside) and was wondering if you knew where I could get hold of some breadfruit? It's availability seems very limited over here. My husband & I first tasted it a few years ago in Barbados. I wish it was more readily available in Britain! Have you any suggestions? If so, I would be very grateful!

Many thanks!

Gill Arkley (Mrs

Re: Breadfruit: from on 2002-11-21

Mrs Arkley,
You could try to get breadfruit from Mata's (Indian & ethnic food/grocery shop) on middle Bold street in Liverpool city centre. If it isn't available there u can definitely make a request for it with the proprietors who themselves run the shop. Also, there is a carribean/ west indies restaurant next door to Mata's. You could ask them & find out where to get breadfruit. I hope this helps. =o)
Good luck!

fruit smoothies: from on 2004-03-02

br /> generally i eat fruit by itself.. but was wanting to know what fruits can be eaten together and does it make a difference if they are liquified?

should i make a smoothie with rice milk or soy?

and can i mix things like bananas, rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries

what fruits cant i combine with other fruits

Re: fruit smoothies: from Peter on 2004-03-16

Fruit is much better as fruit.

Liquidising fruit breaks down the cells and releases the sugars. These now digest very much faster, giving you a sugar rush and disrupting your sugar control system.
After a sugar high you get a low as the insulin levels over compensate.

This increase your chances of developing diabetes.


Re: Questions re fruit: from on 2004-07-20

Regarding fruit, if you have no problem with candida, hypoglycemia or diabetes then, yes you can have whatever fruit you like and are likely to still loose weight. But don't go overboard. Health and weight control is enhanced by keeping your blood sugars level. That means easy on the starches and eliminate refined carbs and sugars. It's also important that you eat melons alone. (Some say it's best to eat acid fruits separately from sweet fruits. There are charts on the Internet that break it down for you.) I've found a lot of good information on the Internet regarding food combining. Hope that answers your question

How much fruit can i have after eating meat: from motsabi on 2007-12-13

br>Hey all,

I'm a great fan of food combining, I just have one problem, I love fruits I can't go a day without at least 8 fruits. The thing is, I follow a mid to high protein diet wich allows very little to no fruit at all. Can some one please tell me its ok to eat 1 to 2 fruits at least 30 mins after a high protein meal. Can an apple or two just to finish off a high protein lunch mess up everything.

Any one have an answer or solution for me?


How much fruit can i have after eating meat: from Peter on 2007-12-13

I would avoid starchy fruit such as banana after a protein meal, but go for very ripe, non starchy fruit and I don't see a problem.
Eating protein steadily throughout the day would be a problem, but eat your fruit three hours after a protein meal, then no more food for another three hours would be a good way of balancing your diet

Fruit: from Jennifer on 2010-02-09

I am starting a cleanse thru standard process and they suggest mixing in fruit with a protein shake. Would this be inadvisable? And if i were to do the protein shake without fruit and want a piece of fruit later, how long do u think i should wait between having the shake and eating the fruit? TIA, Jennifer

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