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frustrated: from on 2001-08-17

hi peter i just wanted to tell you the diet is really helping my gas problem. i think i might be doing something wrong though.i am losing one day and gaining the next. how much fat am i suppose to have. i am having cream cheese on bagel in a.m. vinegar and oil on salad and butter on vegetables is this too much fat? i also can't exercise because i have a sore foot will that hinder my weight loss? thanx linda

Re: frustrated: from on 2001-08-18

Exercise is essential to weight loss. Exercise like walking 3 miles each day is the best. Otherwise your body will keep its fat and lose the muscle - not what you want.

There is nothing wrong with oil or butter on salad and vegetables, it all depends on the quantity. You need a small amount. A level desert spoon full.


frustrated: from on 2001-09-02

hi peter i am getting frustrated. i am doing everything right , including exercising but am no t losing. i would really like to lose weight on this. thank you linda p. s. i really am following this to a T

Re: frustrated: from on 2001-09-02

Hiya Linda

Ali here...so i'm not the expert!!!

But I just wondered if perhaps you expectations are a bit too high? I think that 3lbs weight loss is great.

I have found with reducing diets that I have ended up yo-yoing. So although I lost 'impressive' amounts of weight, I get bored with being hungry, or with the restrictions of the the diet programme, give up, the weight goes back on with more too and I feel guilty and depressed. It's been a vicious circle. One that is very destructive too.

So i think that because we're eating so much 'whole food' are body has to adjust to that, as well as the massive change of separating protein and carbs.

In addition, unlike a reducing diet, I understand this way of eating to be a much more long term thing, perhaps for the rest of our lives if we're happy with it, in that way any weight loss is likely to become a permament loss too.

Unfortunately in this society we have been 'brainwashed' to believe we should see dramatic results quickly....after all who would join Weight watchers if their adverts said...sustained weight loss takes time and quick, dramatic weight loss is not only bad for you but you usually put it all back on again?!

Don't be disheartened by what seems like a small weight loss. I think it's great and an achievement to be proud of. Well done.

Take care


Re: frustrated: from on 2001-09-04

HTML>Good advice.
Weight loss on many diets is often changes in water balance, or loss of muscle rather than fat.
Exercise is very important to ensure that you keep muscle and lose fat. Do whatever exercising you can, even if it is just tensing and relaxing muscle.
If you still don't loose fat, then SLOWLY start to reduce the quantities you eat ( cut out any cakes, biscuits and obvious fat) until your weight slowly starts to fall, and then keep what you eat in balance with your weight.


Re: frustrated: from on 2003-04-29

has anyone read food combining made easy? am i wrong in thinking its a extreem way of combining? in fit for life it states food combining applies to the main items not the dressings or sauce, as long as they arnt in large amounts. which is right none or a bit

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