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Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2004-01-18

I started the hay diet 13th Jan 5th for three days i suffered very bad migrain with bad breath and a sick feeling,after a further two days i feel on top of the world full of energy any idea why i felt so bad?

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2004-01-19

Hi Pete,

When I first started food combining, I found that I had a few problems with my digestion, excess wind etc. The Dr wanted to give me proton blockers and they will kill off the good bacteria in the gut so I stopped taking them. I started food combining as I had been told how good it can make one feel but the maistake I made was that I did not have any problems with digestion or weight. I feel that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. The digestive system sometimes complains about sudden change and maybe that's what was going on with you. Glad you are feeling OK now though.

Peter, what do you think

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from Peter on 2004-01-31

Very difficult to comment on one persons experience - you may just have caught a virus going round at the same time as you started the diet.

If you stopped eating a particular food that you are used to eating every day - such as bread - you can get withdrawl symptoms like these.


Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2004-03-28

I have been on the Hay Diet for 8 days now, and in the first three days I was having bad headaches, getting cranky etc...and I am sure it was due to withdrawal symptons from my old eating habits, which consisted of a chocolate coated muesli bar for breakfast, and copious amounts of coffee during the day. After the three days though, I felt fine, and now have more energy than ever before

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2004-04-06

Many times when you change your diet the body goes through a "detoxification" process usually 3-4 days into the new diet. Symptoms include headaches, fatigue, malaise, and just not feeling well. The same thing happens when smokers quit smoking or allergy foods are eliminated

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from Ania on 2004-06-14

I've been on the hat diet for about a week now. I've never had any bad symptoms. I am very happy and I feel rather fresh. On this diet I am never hungry, like it was with any other ones.

So, I guess it is very personal thing how the body excepts the change of the way of eating

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2004-07-24

If you gave up coffe and/or tea suddenly, you were probably going through
caffeine withdrawal. I have started the diet, but I am choosing to wean myself
off coffee slowly. After only three days, I have to say I am pleased with the
results. My out-of-control food cravings have pretty much subsided, and I just
have a lighterfeeling. I think my digestive system likes this diet very much.
Whether or not I can remain on this diet for the long haul remains to be seen

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2005-01-10

just starting hat diet today, feel low felt hungry after meals in 2 hours . breakfast had banana and porridge on water, lunch 2 eggs cheese and bacon, dinner beef stew and veg,
got pain in tummy had to run to the loo, still hungry had 3 slices of light brown bread and cucumber. going to bed now still hungry. hope this is a clean out and will sort its self out soon . and suggestion please

Re: Headpains after starting hay diet: from on 2007-10-29

Firstly I suggest that eating hats is not a good idea, bad for the digestion I would imagine, secondly I don't think when it lists the foods in one group ie. protein, that it means you are supposed to have all of them for lunch! Rather than having eggs, cheese and bacon, try Cauliflower cheese or bacon salad. Also if you had 3 slices of bread after dinner you are mixing 2 of the wrong groups - meat & bread.

Hope this helps

Headpains after starting hay diet: from helen on 2008-03-03

br>What you're experiencing is a detox and possibly cafeine and sugar withdrawal. It will go after a few days and it's worth drinking lots of water whilst it lasts.

For many years I suffered from Candida, a yeast overgrowth in the gut, and would have to do awful detox diets every so often so when I started on the Hay diet I knew what I was experiencing. Sometimes it feels like a hangover in the morning although you know it can't be because you haven't drunk anything!

What's great about the Hay Diet is that it is so much easier than the Candida diet and the detox lasts for a much shorter period of time