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help mumof twins with love handles: from on 2004-08-17

Hello my name is tace
my blood group is A-pos could u please let me know what is right 4 me to eat? and 2 lose weight would be a plus,
Ta Trace

Re: help mumof twins with love handles: from on 2004-09-01

soya food would be best four you

Re help mumof twins with love handles: from lilyan on 2005-05-13

hi, i need an urgent advice to learn what shoul i eat and what shoul i avoid according to my blood groop which is A - .
please do me this favor and i'll be thankfull to your advice .

Re help mumof twins with love handles: from Peter on 2005-05-13

A good variety of fresh foods. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Fish once or twice a week.

Cut down on bread and spreads, cake, biscuits, chocolate.
A good diet tends to mean more home cooking - ready meals tend to be too high in fat.

Enough exercise every day is essential. Walking is perhaps the best.


Protein-Thanks for help: from sara doepke on 2006-01-06

Hi Pete,
Thanks you so much for clearing this up for me. For a while I was pretty confused and left rather lost with all the different data that is out there. Who would have thought that 10 different people have a different view on if one can combine chicken and cheese together etc.
At least know I know I can have a nice chicken salad with the cheese and vegs and not feel bad that i am not food combining. I have found that by following the system I have a lot more energy and I am eating much more fruits and vegs. I love my salads )
Again thank you for all your help and advice.
Keep up the good work.

Re help mumof twins with love handles: from nada on 2006-04-21

Hello my name is nada
my blood group is A-pos could u please let me know what is right 4 me to eat? and 2 lose weight..thanks for your co-

HELP: from Dan on 2006-05-29

in spain we dont have horseradish sauce.we get the plain horseradish but in dont know how to make the so called double cream and couldnt find recipes on it. without knowing what to mix the plain horseradish with, its no use having bought it. please tell me how to make it.

Gluten or not? Please help: from Cararia on 2009-01-22

I'm loving this site. My docs haven't had a clue although I've been lab tested a lot. I don't think anyone ever tested for gluten.

I'm confused about one of the answers to a comment. Please help.

1. I've been thinking I have a gluten problem, however, one of your answers said that the person might have a gluten problem if they have problems with bread and pasta and not potatoes.

I have a huge problem with potatoes especially mashed. It will leave me down for about a week. Does that mean I'm allergice to them or I can't handle starch? I'm confused and so sick and in pain. I need help.

Thank you so much for being there, Cararia

Gluten or not? Please help: from Peter on 2009-01-22

If you buy the raw potato, cut them up, cook them and mash them, then there is definitely no gluten in them.
If your potato comes out of a packet it may contain gluten.
If you buy chips they may contain gluten.
If you have a problem with pure potato then it is unlikely to be a problem with gluten.
Very occasionally a person is allergic to the potato / tomato family of plants.
One of the best ways of getting an idea of what might be the cause is to keep a very detailed diary of exactly what you eat for every meal and every snack. Record every symptom of illness, discomfort or mood. Eat a wide variety of fresh food - but not things that are food mixtures such as ready meals, sauces, cakes, biscuits, manufactured foods etc.
Try and make every day a different combination of fresh foods, and don't eat the same thing every day.
Then after a month, see if there is any link between what you are eating and the symptoms that you have

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