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How much fruit can i have after eating meat: from motsabi on 2007-12-13

br>Hey all,

I'm a great fan of food combining, I just have one problem, I love fruits I can't go a day without at least 8 fruits. The thing is, I follow a mid to high protein diet wich allows very little to no fruit at all. Can some one please tell me its ok to eat 1 to 2 fruits at least 30 mins after a high protein meal. Can an apple or two just to finish off a high protein lunch mess up everything.

Any one have an answer or solution for me?


How much fruit can i have after eating meat: from Peter on 2007-12-13

I would avoid starchy fruit such as banana after a protein meal, but go for very ripe, non starchy fruit and I don't see a problem.
Eating protein steadily throughout the day would be a problem, but eat your fruit three hours after a protein meal, then no more food for another three hours would be a good way of balancing your diet

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