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Re Hypoglycemia: from Jackie Doyle on 2006-05-18

Hi, i read what you wrote and i had to laugh. i have had the same problems myself. i have been suffering with numerous symptoms over the last 10 months which have had a debilitating affect on my life. i would wake up and have my breakfast and find within an hour i would start sweating under my arms really heavy, then i would suddenly have no energy and feel really sick, sometimes actually being sick. i got migranes, felt confused, couldnt concentrate, felt depressed and worst of all have panic attacks almost every day due to anxiety. i have also collapsed twice for reasons that were not not known and often felt faint. when i went to the doctors suggesting i could be hypoglycemic and could i be tested, he more or less laughed me out of the room. i had had a blood test six months before and it showed to be fine, so that was his argument. after this i had a word with my uncle who has been a diabetic most of his life(type1). he told me i could have something called reactive hypoglycemia, which is normally diagnosed purely through symptoms as it is very hard to show in a blood test. i took my uncles advice and follwed the suggested diet and i now feel at least 85\% better. the diet i find that works best for me is to eat six small meals a day, each balanced with a good source of protein and complex carbs. this is where you are going wrong i would say, you need to eat your complex carbs, these are what will give you your energy and the protein will help to control the rate the body uses this energy helping to keep your blood sugar levels stable. also, it is common for people with hypoglycemia not to be able to tolerate fruit, even in small amounts, as is my case. you could try eating protien with a piece of fruit if you do have problems with friut as this tends to help the rate at which the sugar is used by the body, and make sure you eat low GI fruit, veg and all food really. no sugar, simple carbs or starchy carbs either. caffeine, alcohol and smoking will also not help as these are all stimulants or full of sugar which will play havoc with your insuline levels.

I hope this is helpfull information to you as i know it is invaluable to me, good luck and good health for the future.

J Doyle

Re Hypoglycemia: from Lizzoo on 2006-08-02

I'm 25 and have a family history of hypoglycemia.

I've been really depressed for the past couple of months, but I cna't get an appointment to see my doctor. I don't think it's actually depression, but hypoglycemia.

I too crave sugary foods a lot, but don't always give in. I get head pounding and tired a lot. A LOT. And I just don't feel like myself, but my doctor doesn't think there's any need for me to have a blood test or have any help for depression. I just need some help/support from somewhere.

Re: Hypoglycemia: from Linda Hardy on 2007-04-08

Hi. I thought you might be interested to hear of the cure I found for my hypoglycaemia problem, which I suffered for 2 years. I was fed up with feeling tired and suffering terrible energy gaps, and tried all kinds of diets with no luck. Then about a month ago I tried a mineral suppliment called Sugar Balance that I saw advertised in a magazine. It is simply a chromium suppliment with a couple of other vitamins and cost just a few pounds. The result for me was dramatic - I have been full of energy and no tiredness at all since I started taking the suppliment. Now I seem to be able to eat what I like and can function normally again without feeling dozy and muddled all the time. I don't know why it works but I believe chromium has some effect on insulin levels in the blood. Hope the effect stays long term. Good luck in your search for health.

Re: Hypoglycemia: from Brittney on 2007-06-27

you said you found a list of foods that helped for your hypoglycemia, mines getting worse i have been fainting alot lately and i ma alwasy tired and i usually can't walk much because i feel faint very depressed and i could go on and on with my symptoms you said something aboutt his peters list thing what is that can u send it to me? i need all the ehlp i can get nothing else had worked..

thanx again ..brittney...

Re: Hypoglycemia: from Brittney on 2007-06-27

help anyone who cna tell me what to eat... i can barely function anymore...<33

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Re: Hypoglycemia: from Kim Kraus on 2007-08-10

Hi, I'm new at this Hypoglycemic stuff, and don't own a creditcard to join any of the big "hypo"support sites as a member, and am simply looking for food combinations that REALLY pick you up and any information like tricks...heard that almonds are good for on the go, is that true? I was diagnosed about 21/2yrs ago in Canada, where my doctor is. I am a Canadian living permanently in Athens,Greece, and don't really want to go to a doctor here(I've got my reasons)...so, to get to the point...


I need all the information I can get...because these people here keep telling me to eat sweets as a pick me up???!!!(ya,right)

What are the best greeny veggies to eat for a hypoglycemic...and do tomatoes count as fruit?

Anyone out there?

Kirk out!


Re: Hypoglycemia: from Lola on 2008-08-14


I read your post about Chronium and shuddered! I'm happy that you got the positive effect but I would strongly advise anyone thinking of doing the same to read up about it first and get advice from your doctor's as well. Chronium had an opposite effect to me and it lowered my blood sugar levels. That's why some dieters take them as well