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Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2003-03-20

I have been on a wheat free diet for two years, (after many years of suffering I went and got checked out) now I discover that I can't tolerate rice (I was mainly using rice flour). Surfing the net I found a common denominator which also is found in nut shells. So I am in desperate need of receips that dont use wheat, barley, oats, rye, lentils, rice, nuts - any info would be really appreciated

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2003-03-21

have you checked the recipes on peters site:

on the left hand site are good recipes, which might be good for you.
good luck!

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2003-05-06

Can you tolerate other legumes, like chick peas and soya beans?

If so, you might cook and grind either (chick pea for starch meal, soya for protein) into a paste add sodium bicarbonate (if you wish can be left out) as a raising agent plus egg yolk (can you tolerate dairy?) and cook in a frying pan to make a type of flat bread.

Add herbs such as corriander/cilantro etc. for variation.

Good luck!


Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from Woz on 2003-08-08

Can you have Millet or Quinoa

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2003-09-08

Thanks for your reply, the answer is yes to both. I have tried them, during the summer it was easy to go without any 'filling' foods, now winter is beginning I will go back to using both

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2003-09-08

Thanks for advice, I have tried using various mixtures to try to make flat type breads, some work better than others. I can use eggs but find my body does not like too much dairy so I hardly use it. Mind you if I do use cheese I have to have it by mid-day or I cant sleep at night

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from Peter on 2003-09-13

It is often very difficult to analyse a diet to determine what is causing the problem.

One of the main causes of food intolerance is soya and its byproducts such as lecithin. These can get into so many different products - even into chocolate bar.
It also appears in many products as vegetable fat.

Before you decide that you have developed an allergy to other foods and restrict your diet even further, try cutting out ALL manufactured foods, and try and base your meals on different foods each day - with just a few types of food each day.
rice, egg, apple today
plain fish, potato, orange tomorrow
maize, beef, banana the next dayand so on.

Don't add manufactured sauces of any description.
Drink plain water.

Keep an accurate diary of what you have eaten and your state of health.
Then discuss it with your GP before making any decissions to change your diet.


Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from Woz on 2003-09-25

Valerie, was the common denominator phytic acid? It can be removed form almonds and seeds. Seeds need to be soaked over night at least. Almonds need to be blanched for just a few seconds so you can peel off the phytic acid containing skins. White almond butter is ok to eat but not brown because the brown contains the skins

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from on 2004-08-22

In relation to your intolerance to rice and grains could you advise why it took so long for this daignosis?.

My own health has not been great . Over the last two years I have suffered from stomach bloating,agitation and moodiness. My doctor has suggested that I suffer from a wheat intolerance or pesticidee intolerance. I'm currently eating only organic foods, meat,vegetables etc and am on a wheat free, gluten free diet.

I tried wheat free pasta, but my symptons returned.

I then tried organic rice, with organic chicken and organic sauce..again my symptons returned

This si driving me crazy ..help

Re: Intolerance to grains and rice: from Peter on 2004-09-06

There is another possibility, that you suffer from a 'leaky gut'. That is that your gut lets through larger molecules than it should, and these can trigger an imune response.
You could try avoiding any foods that have been ground up into flour - such as are used in sauces, and stick to fresh fish, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and see if your symptoms decrease.
Soya is another ingredient that gets into a lot of manufactured foods and can trigger an imune response.


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