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many questions about: from on 2003-02-24

so, i started on the hay diet about two weeks ago, and i'm feeling better already. lost about 5 pounds, and i have more energy. but, i do have questions.
so, questions 1:
can i eat tofu for protein?
i'm a vegeterian that does eat egg but does not eat fish, meat, poultry, etc.
so, i find myself almost "forced" to eat tofu for protein. (other sources are beans and cheese). now, the book i read was from 1989 (i'm ordering a new one as I write this), and says nothing about soy products. it does however speak out against highly processed foods, which tofu is.

question 2:
can I drink plain water during meals?
it says you shouldn't drink during meals, which i find very hard, and then it gives exceptions, like a special kind of tea... is H2o ok or not? you'd think theyd write about the most important substance on earth... also, the book recomends drinking a glass of water with wheat bran before your meals. so it's ok to drink right before the meal and not he mael itself? sound weird to me...

question 3:
is humus protein?
i think it is, since it's made from grabonzo beans, but i'm not sure...

any help would be appreciated :)

Re: many questions about: from Peter on 2003-02-24

Tofu is protein from soya beans. You would not want to eat large quantities of the beans themselves!

Your digestive system needs water with meals, and most cooked food contains a lot of water anyway - soup, veg fruit etc.

Wheat bran is not good for you - avoid it. Eat brown rice, potatoes in their skins and plenty of fresh fruit and veg.


Re: many questions about: from Peter on 2003-02-25

Wheat bran contains highly abrasive silica needles. These irritate the digestive system. The increase in bran consumption is now thought to be directly related to the dramatic increase in iritable bowel syndrome,and the coeliac condition in older people.
The consultant at my local hospital who treats these conditions strongly advises that you avoid wheat bran.


Re: many questions about: from wendy on 2003-03-18

if wheat bran is so bad, what type of bread products are healthy ? Is whole wheat, oat bran, wheat flour, etc. the same thing as wheat bran? I love wheat bread, oat meal, bran muffins, multi grain pancakes, and I eat at least 4-6 slices of bread daily and at least 1 of the other foods I've mentioned also daily, so are any of these considered bad ? Any information on this wpuld be very helpful.

Re: many questions about: from on 2003-03-18

well, from everything i've read, stay away from white flour, and any type of flour except wheat. i think there is a differance between that and wheat bran - peter, any words of advice

Re: many questions about: from Peter on 2003-03-19

Oat bran and rice bran are much healthier fibre options than wheat bran.
But eat whole oat products and brown rice rather than adding bran to your diet.
Potato skins are also a much better source of fibre in the diet.

No products made from white flour of any sort are particularly good for you.


Re many questions about: from eve on 2006-05-17

i have been bother with consitpation all my life and have since started using swwetcorn and course wheat bran and that has done wonders for me. i feel happier. when i stop then my problems comes back. so please explain to me why is it so bad.

Re many questions about: from samantha on 2006-06-08

Course Wheat bran

I am doing the Atkins Diet 2 week induction phase. It states that if you get Constipation eat Course wheat Bran, now I am concerned you say its not good. I did not plan eating it for the east of my life, just 1/2 days to see if it helps

Re many questions about: from Peter on 2006-06-08

I wouldn't recommend the Atkins Diet to anyone.

It puts far too great a strain on the kidneys. You may see some weight loss, but it is not healthy weight loss.

Wheat fibre for a couple of days won't do you much harm. Rice bran is much healthier and works just as well.

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