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Marmite: from on 2002-11-30

As a long time marmite addict what category does it come under

Re: Marmite: from Peter on 2002-12-03

You would have to eat a lot to classify it as a protein food.

Remember tha almost all starchy foods also contain low levels of protein, and adding a little marmite to bread won't affect the protein content.

However, the basis of the food combining diet is not stimulating the digestive system into preparing to digest a large amount of protein, when most of the meal is only starch. I think that maybe the strong flavour of the marmite may mislead the digestive system into preparing for a protein meal. So it may be better to keep the marmite to flavour stews and other protein meals.
The same applies to any spreads and drinks that have a strong meaty taste.