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Mayonnaise/Avocado: from Angie Main on 2007-03-22

I see that a bit of butter may be used on a starch. For example I had a 1/2 whole wheat bagel this a.m. w/ butter.

I was wondering if you could put Mayonnaise on a veggie sandwich, and what about avocado?

Mayonnaise/Avocado: from Peter on 2007-03-22

Mayonnaise depends on what it is made from. An egg based mayonnaise would be high in protein, so not suitable with bread. An oil and vinegar dressing contains no protein or starch, so could be used on either a starch based or protein based meal.

Avocado is about 15 percent fat, 2 percent protein, and almost no starch. I would suggest not with bread because of the protein content.