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meal order & other confusing info: from on 2004-11-26

i like the sound of combining, it seems to make sense. i want to try but find it impractical, esp. at work. plus mum keeps criticising way i eat & pushes me to eat her 'complete' dinners. sequential eating seems sensible too, but contradicts hays & is prob as tedious & boring as just eating stuff raw- i do just because i cant be bothered to cook/prepare meals. the most logical-sounding food advice ive read is chrononutrition [dr delabos], i wanto follow this, but also seperate protein & starch.. now in a day, i'd have:

orange juice+chunk ginger+1/2 grapefruit+ascorbic acid

mixd cereal+dry fruit+nut+grape joos porridge/couscous+dry fruit+yog

[wheat/rye toast + jam/marmite]
dipped in
hot barley drink+malt extract+milk]

[herbal tea]



rye bread/rice cake/weetabix
[+mushed banana]

herbal tea+milk
mixed fruit & nuts/nut butter[+choc/tapenade/marmite+ ryvita/rye bread]

mixed salad/soup


tub yogurt

[hot soya drink+malt extract]

....+water all day long=2l ish

since starch & protein should be seperated, does this also apply to veg & those food groups? should it be had before/after concentrated starch/protein?
should raw veg be had before/after cooked veg?
what is shortest recommended time gap between concentrated starch & protein foods? does this vary with digestion times of differnet foods
i find it hard to not eat late due to work routine & am rarely full/satisfied/energised after a protein-only lunch. i dont want to have heavy protein late or for breakfast. any advice/problems

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