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meals: from on 2001-09-04

hi ali if you wouldn't mind could you send me your days menu? i would just like to see if i am combining the right foods together.thank you linda p.s. i had another bad day but i am getting back in the swing of things tomorrow

Ali's meals for the day..especially for Linda: from on 2001-09-05

Hiya Linda,

As promised here is what I've eaten today.

breakfast: fruit and fibre with skimmed milk

lunch: baked potatoe with salad, with sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and raisons

tea: bacon steak, with more of the above salad and cherry yogurt

I will have some fruit this evening, but I'm not too well today and will probably have tinned fruit in natural juice as it's cheaper and I find it easier to eat!!!

So, what have you eaten today?

Love Ali

Re: Ali's meals for the day..especially for Linda: from on 2001-09-05

hi ali for breakfast i had some kashi friends cereal and bagel with cream cheese.for morning break i had a banana. for lunch i had 2 peaches and half red pepper. when i got home from work i had oatscream. what is oatcream i bet you are wondering? oatscream is icecream made from oat and natural flavorings. i get it at a hfs in minnesota. they have choc, vanilla and strawberry, which i haven"t tried . i think i am going to like the chocolate the best. supper i think i aqm going to have a pork chop and a salad with oil and vinegar on it. how does that sound for the day. i hope you have a good day and thanks, it really helps e-mailing each other back and forth. thanks again for the menu. linda

Re: meals: from on 2001-09-05

Hi Linda,

I will happily put my days food on here tonight.

I had a bad day yesterday too. I wnet out with my son for a meal and the choice was again very limited. So I ordered lasagne.

The amazing thing was, I couldn't eat it. It tasted horrible! And I think there was probably nothing wrong with it, other than it was far too rich compared to what I've been eating over the last few days, so I sent it back and said it I couldn't eat it.

So I just had some mushrooms and salad...but I still had a dessert ;-(
and a coffee.

I'll post ater tonight..till then, bye for now

love Ali x

period between meals. Fast metabolism and weight raining: from on 2005-01-07


I've always ate healthy food but have began making a more conscience decision in terms of (not) combining proteins and starchs.

In my mid 20s, I'm undergoing a weight training program for fitness and to gain muscle mass.

I generally eat a fair bit but the main thing I've noticed after seperating carbs from protein is that I'm quite hungry within an hour of eating any type of meal.

For example, today for breakfast I had 4 bannanas and 4 peaches. An hour later I had 4 pieces of toast with butter. At lunch I had half a chicken and salad, then 2 hours later I was hungry again. And this is where I come unstuck, today I had a baked potato with some cooked vegetables on it... is this bad?

Within an hour or so of the potato I'm hungry again. It feels like it only takes between an hour and 2 hours for my tummy to be empty again. Are there any guidelines for eating more than the three standard meals per day and the ordering of fruits, starches and proteins. Also should I have just one massive meal of protein per day or split in a couple. If in a couple, then when should I time them.

Thanks in advance for you help

Re: period between meals. Fast metabolism and weight rainin: from on 2005-01-10


Re: period between meals. Fast metabolism and weight rainin: from Peter on 2005-01-17

If you need to gain muscle mass, and have an energetic lifestyle, you will need to eat more protein, and ensure that your diet contains sufficient fat.

You will not develop muscle easily on a low energy diet. The example of a daily diet that you give would be fine for weight loss, not for weight gain.


Re: period between meals. Fast metabolism and weight rainin: from on 2005-01-18

Thanks for your response Peter.

Keep in mind that my above example is only up until 5PM and does not include any evening meals. That being said - given my goals - are you able to give me a brief idea (or point me in the right direction) of what an ideal days eating would be to gain muscle mass.

Thanks for your help

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