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mixing meat with veggies: from jamie v on 2006-07-07

from what i am gathering you are not supposed to mix foods from the "acidic" list with foods from the "alkaline" list...in the same meal anyway
from everything i read, if you do, you will force your body to kick out both the alkalines and pepsin if i am correct, which in teh end cancels each other out, or at least causes improper digestion leading to fermentation in the stomach -
so can you not eat veggies with meat??
some say to line your stomach with salad before hand and others say it will cause
is there anything you can eat with meat??? just beans??

this is confusing me to no end.
any help..please


mixing meat with veggies: from Peter on 2006-07-08

The idea of acid and alkaline foods and not mixing them was started by a journalist who did not understand the writing of Dr Howard Hay, who started the idea of food combining.

Dr Hay was a doctor who was interested in the relationship between food and health, and looked at the chemical analysis of food. In his writing he comments on the proportions of the 'alkaline earth elements' in food. This is the scientific term used in his day to describe the group of chemical elements to which calcium and potassium belong. He advocated eating plenty of foods rich in these alkaline earth elements - such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

I can find no basis for the creation of lists of foods which are then labelled acid and alkaline (which refers to the pH of the food, not the alkaline earth elements).

I would follow Dr Howard Hay's advice. Not the advice of a journalist.

mixing meat with veggies: from jamie v on 2006-07-08

ok then ill look into his writings more..
but in the meantime, is it not true that diff foods need different enzymes to breakdown and when you mix the foods, or mix the "wrong foods", it could cause fermentation.?
the whole idea of meat rotting inside of me creating toxins really grosses me out and
is also not something i want to do to my kids.

the lists i have been finding, from what i can tell are lists breaking the food down between which foods require the alkalines and which requires the pepsin or acids enzymes to breakdown the food, not seperated by teh PH.this is where my confusion is coming in from. if veggies trigger one enzyme to digest and meat triggers another enzyme then we get both at the same time causing improper digestion and fermentation.
or is this whole enzyme thing the misconception that has been brought about over the years...its all over the internet.

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