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muscle development: from on 2004-03-18

br /> Peter,

Thanks so much for your response in my other post. I was just hoping you could give me some information on how following food combining would directly assist muscle development. I started training 6months ago at the gym and am keen to find out if my efforts to gain quality muscle mass are being hindered by my
attempts to do this properly as I can't combine my carbs and protein. Every
magazine I read lists that you needs to have both protein and carbs after
training to aid in the recovery/building of muscle mass. I don't want to be
spending 8 hours in the gym a week training and doing this food combining if
it is going to affect my ability to develop a quality lean healthy physique.



Re: muscle development: from on 2004-03-25

Why are you spending so may hours in the gym

Re: muscle development: from on 2004-03-28

Most information concerning muscle building while using weights suggest training sessions lasting no more than 60 minutes 2-3 times a week. You don't seem to be allowing any time for recovery.
After your workout you could have sweet fruit containing about 50g of sugars. It will be digested quickly and you can follow that with a protein food containing about 20-30g protein but little fat

Re: muscle development: from on 2004-03-29

he must b an addict like me. i do 90mins 6days a week. the gym is like a drug, u get hooked dont u think

Re: muscle development: from MB on 2004-06-29

Here try this program it will not only save you alot of time in the gym but will make you a hell of a lot bigger, and stronger. It's called static contraction training. Look it up if you want to free up some time

Re muscle development: from deejay saroza on 2005-05-31

what is the right program for a teen ager like me to gain weight and build muscle?

Re muscle development: from Peter on 2005-05-31

To gain weight you have to keep your exercise and your food intake in balance, and make any changes slowly.

The best exercise is a combination of walking, cycling, swimming and occasional team games. Don't rush in and suddenly try and do a lot. Slowly increase the amount you do until you are exercising a couple of hours each day. Exercise should be a social occcasion with friends outdoors, not a solitary burst of energy in the gym.
If you do a long spell of particularly hard exercise (say a 10 mile hike in a day) then a couple of days rest should follow.

Any changes to your diet should also be gentle, but to be healthy you must keep to a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fast food is best avoided, as are special tonics, diet drinks etc. You will find that with exercise and a healthy diet you will know when you have eaten enough.

As a teenager your body is still growing. Don't try and force it beyond what is comfortable.