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neutral breakfast: from on 2003-12-31

I have been reading thru my food combinin bk 4 Veggies, so im havin a few probs! It states u should have =
protein meal,
starch meal
Neutral Meal

.... in 1 day. Bit stuck we neutral, and what 2 have for breakfast. As its easier then 2 have a protein/starch lunch and dinner.
What could I have being vegetarian for a neutral breakfast??? (other than raisins

Re: neutral breakfast: from Peter on 2004-01-02

How is the book defining a neutral meal?

Two starch meals + one protein meal per day is a good guide.


Re: neutral breakfast: from on 2004-01-03

In my Veggie combining book, it states u should have a neutral meal. foods that r neutral: cream, butter, salad, veg mainly.
Thing is id rather have protein and startch 4 lunch and dinner. But if u say its ok 2 have 2x startch 1x protein ill try that! Is it wrong 2 mix up and have 2 protein and 1 starch?? As again in this bk it says protein is a key factor/importance. maybe cos im veggie

Re: neutral breakfast: from Peter on 2004-01-05

If you need to steadily lose weight, then one meal of just veg or fruit each day would be a good idea.

two protein meals and one starch meal put slightly more strain on the liver and kidneys which have to break down and excrete excess protein - it cannot be stored by your body. Fine occasionaly, not so good every day.

I would judge this over the long term, assess your weight and health, and adjust your diet accordingly.


Re: neutral breakfast: from on 2004-01-05

Thanks Peter.Diet seems to be going well after my first week. Its strange how after a while you dont miss potato with protein, cheese with bread etc. luckily i have been cooking up lots of recipes like the wholemeal pizza, potato scones and quiche recipes to add some life to my meals.
PS Diet Coke is allowed isnt it? as contains no protein, carb or fat?? As 1 website said not to drink it as contains asphermane (cant spell it

Re: neutral breakfast: from Peter on 2004-01-08

Water is much more healthy than diet coke at any time.


Re: neutral breakfast: from on 2004-01-19

Hi Peter and Katy,

Peter, the "neutral meal" Katy is referring to is what is advocated by writers like Doris Grant as being neither a starch nor protein food. It is what you have kindly explained several times to people about there having been a misunderstanding of Dr Hay's teaching about alkaline salts. Other books state that the neutral foods do not cause an acid nor an alkaline environment. It is very confusing to people

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