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peanut butter: from on 2001-08-28

hi peter i was wondering if you could have ww bread with natural peanut butter. also can you make your own p.b. thanx ltraen

Re: peanut butter: from on 2001-08-28

HTML>Peanuts are high in protein, so a home made peanut butter would be a high protein food ( easy to make by putting peanuts in a liqidiser)

Purchased peanut butter may be mostly the peanut fat, with the protein removed. You would have to check the lable to see if it is high protein or not.


Re: peanut butter: from on 2001-09-09

do you have to put any other ingredient in liquidiser other than peanuts to make the butter

Re: peanut butter: from on 2001-09-10

HTML>Peanut butter is just a peanut paste - It has a high fat content so don't use too much of it.


Re: peanut butter: from on 2002-03-27

so can you eat peanut butter or soy butter with a natural whole wheat bread...i am new to food combining and they suggest that it would be a protein/starch digestion problem...

also what kinds of things can you do with a tomato...i know they say nuts, non starches and cheeses or ok combos...is that it..no more pasta and tomatoe sauce?...

and what kind of natural toppings can you put on bread...homemade mayo is out?...egg protein and starch again?...hmmm

please help


Re: peanut butter: from on 2003-04-09

According to my understanding, peanut butter blocks the nardi channels and may, if over used, cause flatuence. Perhaps you might consider the use of a good juicer with nut spread attachment. Tahaini paste is great especialy if you use raw roasted seseme seeds. Try other nuts (Brazil, Almond, Cashew) or combination of nuts and /or olive oil (virgin is best) with some herbs to ary the flavour or Tarami with sea salt to enhance. You might try mayo made from Soy although a little oily, tastes good

Re: peanut butter: from on 2004-02-10

hi peter
i'm new to this peanut butter thing, i have a cholestrol problem i hear .peanut butter is good for it
is it really safe to use it to control cholestrol
i've got home made peanut butter

Re: peanut butter: from on 2005-01-13

I am on a low carb diet and losing weight just eating P.Butter , low cal cheese, low carb bread, peanuts, yogurt and thats about it. I was worried about eating too much P.Butter also. Do you know anything about it yet. I eat a 16 oz jar in about 3 days . It's additive I think. I just eat it with a spoon when I'm hungry. Want to know if it lowere your cholestrol. email me

Peanut Butter: from Blabberfingers on 2006-03-02

Is this a protein or carb? Is it okay to eat?

Re peanut butter: from Krysia on 2006-05-09

Am new to food combining and am giving it a try to combat chronic digistive problems.
I have 3 questions

1. Is almond butter a good alternative to peanut butter to put on bread?
2. I currently enjoy german style rye bread with sunflower seeds in it - is this inadvisable?
3. I am very partial to miso soup - is the fact that the soya beans have been fermented a problem? also, is there any reason not to combine it with starch or protein?

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