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Penut Butter and Jelly: from sara doepke on 2006-09-08

I had a question regarding penut butter. In fit for life u are not allowed to use it. Are u different in that? It is a little confusing as some people who write about food combining all say different things!! It is crazy. Should one stick to what Dr Hayes wrote on this book? I have it at home with my fit for life and they both say different things.

Also where does jelly fall into all this if i want it as a dessert?
thanks for help.

Penut Butter and Jelly: from Peter on 2006-09-13

I think that too many people have added too many complications to what Dr Howard Hay originally proposed.

I think the simple set of rules proposed by Dr Hay are far more useful and easy to follow.

Peanut is largely a fat - so treat it as a fat (and eat in moderation)

Gelatin jelly is protein. Agar jelly or cornflour jelly are starch. Chose what you need to match the rest of the meal.

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