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Re: Questions re protein: from Peter on 2003-06-24

If you eat too much protein in your diet, your body has to break it down and use it for energy. It cannot store spare protein. This process of breaking down dietary protein can put a strain on the kidneys.

You can get all the energy you need in your diet from starchy foods, with fresh fruit and vegetables.

So to reduce protein, reduce the meat, cheese, eggs to one portion a day of one of these items. There are no harmful effects from this reduction.

You should also ask for an appointment with the clinics dietician to discuss a healthy low protein diet to help manage your diabetes.


Re: Questions re protein: from on 2003-07-04

I am new to food combining, the Hay Diet made easy is too complicated for me!! Can I eat any fruit with anything, I have just had lunch and really want an apple but dont know whether I can have it or not without upsetting the balance.
Any help with when I can eat fruit would be gratefully received

Re: Questions re protein: from Peter on 2003-07-07

Have a look through the main pages.