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Re: many questions about: from Peter on 2003-03-19

Oat bran and rice bran are much healthier fibre options than wheat bran.
But eat whole oat products and brown rice rather than adding bran to your diet.
Potato skins are also a much better source of fibre in the diet.

No products made from white flour of any sort are particularly good for you.


Re: fine tuning it - more questions: from on 2003-05-06

I am vegetarian and have always combined all legumes (beans) as starches except for soy/soya which I treat as protein and I feel fine doing it.. not that that makes me right of course! ;-)


Re: Questions: from on 2003-06-20

I have too much protein in my urine, and I'm
diabetic. My doctor told me to cut down on
protein. I'm not sure what foods to avoid, and
what foods I should eat. So many foods contain
protein. Also, how would avoiding foods with
protein be harmful in other ways

Re: Questions re protein: from Peter on 2003-06-24

If you eat too much protein in your diet, your body has to break it down and use it for energy. It cannot store spare protein. This process of breaking down dietary protein can put a strain on the kidneys.

You can get all the energy you need in your diet from starchy foods, with fresh fruit and vegetables.

So to reduce protein, reduce the meat, cheese, eggs to one portion a day of one of these items. There are no harmful effects from this reduction.

You should also ask for an appointment with the clinics dietician to discuss a healthy low protein diet to help manage your diabetes.


Re: Questions re protein: from on 2003-07-04

I am new to food combining, the Hay Diet made easy is too complicated for me!! Can I eat any fruit with anything, I have just had lunch and really want an apple but dont know whether I can have it or not without upsetting the balance.
Any help with when I can eat fruit would be gratefully received

Re: Questions re protein: from Peter on 2003-07-07

Have a look through the main pages.



a few questions: from on 2003-08-15

Hi Peter. Just refining and have a couple of questions about some of your recipes. Which sound yummy by the way. I had read that cooking tomatoes is bad, since it acidifies them, but your recipes use them a fair bit in ratatouille etc....do you think cooking them is fine? Also wondering about combining protein and sugar...such as in lemon cream. And milk in there as well...had thought it best to drink milk alone. In baking in general, is it ok to use eggs mixed with fruit or eggs or starch??
thanks again

Re: a few questions: from on 2003-08-15

Also wanted to know about my protein powder mix. It is primarily soy and whey protein isolate, but it does have a little fructose and rice starch in it. Nutritionally it is 12 g protein and 1 g carb per serving. Is this acceptable? And is it ok to add flax oil to this??
thanks Peter

Re: a few questions: from on 2004-04-03

Hello Barb,

I was searching the Web for information concerning the use of protein powder in the Food Combining diet and came across your message.

I was wondering if you got a response and what it was. Also, if you can use protein powder could it be mixed with fruit?


Re: a few questions: from Peter on 2004-04-11

Eggs and fruit are fine.
Eggs and starch, the intention is to keep the proportion of protein low with a starch meal. Most starchy grains contain there own protein, so stating that there must be no protein with starch is not possible. An egg helps produce many starchy meals that are difficult without the egg, and adds little protein to the meal. I go for the practical approach and accept an egg with starch in baking.

I would not make use of protein powder in any meal. I use natural foods, organic where possible, and from my own garden by preference.


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