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Re: Questions re fruit: from on 2004-07-20

Regarding fruit, if you have no problem with candida, hypoglycemia or diabetes then, yes you can have whatever fruit you like and are likely to still loose weight. But don't go overboard. Health and weight control is enhanced by keeping your blood sugars level. That means easy on the starches and eliminate refined carbs and sugars. It's also important that you eat melons alone. (Some say it's best to eat acid fruits separately from sweet fruits. There are charts on the Internet that break it down for you.) I've found a lot of good information on the Internet regarding food combining. Hope that answers your question

2 questions regarding combining: from Bonniw on 2006-02-22

in some of your recipes i see that you have nuts combined with rice, i thought that this was not allowed, is it because rice is so digestible that it is a starch allowed with nuts?
and also, are tomatoes allowed with pasta or not?
thank you

Re a few questions: from Adam on 2006-05-17

hi thanks for your info but im trying to loose weight and eat healthy and i want to include soy and whey in my diet becuase i go to the gym etc and the benifits of whey and soy are great not just for recovery but also in skin conditions etc
so whats the best thing to do with whey and soy
they contain small amounts of carbs and the rest is pure protien, would this be ok to mix with milk? or water and could i mix whey and soy together with milk or water

Re a few questions: from Peter on 2006-05-17

I would treat whey and soy as protein, so mix with milk or water if you want.

Re many questions about: from eve on 2006-05-17

i have been bother with consitpation all my life and have since started using swwetcorn and course wheat bran and that has done wonders for me. i feel happier. when i stop then my problems comes back. so please explain to me why is it so bad.

2 questions regarding combining: from Susan on 2006-06-08

Making a more specific question why "Rice and Nuts recipes" (in "Starch Recipes" section) use nuts included in the "Nuts that go with a protein meal" list??

2 questions regarding combining: from Peter on 2006-06-08

Some nuts can be eaten with either starch or protein. Other nuts are very starchy, so best with a starch meal.

Re many questions about: from samantha on 2006-06-08

Course Wheat bran

I am doing the Atkins Diet 2 week induction phase. It states that if you get Constipation eat Course wheat Bran, now I am concerned you say its not good. I did not plan eating it for the east of my life, just 1/2 days to see if it helps

Re many questions about: from Peter on 2006-06-08

I wouldn't recommend the Atkins Diet to anyone.

It puts far too great a strain on the kidneys. You may see some weight loss, but it is not healthy weight loss.

Wheat fibre for a couple of days won't do you much harm. Rice bran is much healthier and works just as well.

2 questions regarding combining: from Susan on 2006-06-10

Very starchy nuts? Which ones?

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