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Quorn: from on 2004-06-13

Could anyone tell me if quorn is a protein.
also if Ricotta cheese a protein or a neutral.
Have just started the Hay diet and want to be sure I have got it right!
Various books give conflicting information.
Your book Peter certainly seems more staight forward and down to earth. So will use it as my guide.
Many thanks

Re: Quorn: from Peter on 2004-06-26

Quorn is protein.

Different types of cheese have varying proportions of fat and protein.
Ricotta is made by using heat to precipitate (separate) out the remaining albumin protein from the whey left over from making lactic acid/rennet precipitated cheeses.
So it will be high in protein.


Quorn and meat substitutes: from Estella on 2006-01-07

Where do quorn products fit in ? they're fairly low in carbs but are made (I believe) from a something similar to mushrooms, so are they protein or neutral ?

Quorn and meat substitutes: from Peter on 2006-01-16

Quorn is made by extracting and concentrating protein derived from a type of fungus.
It is therefore a concentrated protein, and should be used in Food Combining as a protein.


Quorn and Cheese: from Christian on 2006-08-20

Can you mix quorn with cheese...I heard that combinations of protein can be difficult to digest so can you do this with Quorn and Cheese? If so does this cover all types of cheese?