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food combining recipes: from on 2001-09-07

Hiya Linda, Peter and everyone else,

Linda, the books I have sent off for are....Food Combining cookbook,.......Food combining for health cook book....complete food combining.

I wanted some recipes because I am struggling with variety. I know that if I can have a more varied diet it will be easier. At the moment I seem to be eating varations of my last meal!! It would get very boring if I carried on like this.

I ordered the books from Amazon, and they seem to be very slow at delivering everything. They had said it would be today, and I was looking forward to trying recipes out over the weekend, but now they say it will be Monday...:-(

If anyone has any interesting recipes maybe it would be good if we could share them....how about a recipe forum Peter? We could post our favourites up, and for newbies to this, like me, hopefully encourage each other more? I know Weight Watchers USA have a members forum for posting recipes and it's well used. Anyway, it's just an idea. ;-)

Bye for now

Ali x

Re: food combining recipes: from on 2001-09-08

HTML>There is a good selection of recipes on the website.
You can always add recipes for food combining to this discussion board.


Re: food combining recipes: from on 2001-09-08

Hi peter,

Thanks for your reply. I've just found the recipes....sorry I hadn't realised they were there!

Take care


Re: food combining recipes: from on 2002-10-26

I am just getting started on this food combining program.

Would appreciate any food combining menus and/or rec ipes

Re: food combining recipes: from Peter on 2002-10-30

br /> If you have come straight to this page look at
https://www.peter-thomson.com/foodc/contents.html first


Re: food combining recipes: from on 2003-01-19

where are the recipes...like you I can't seem to find them

Re: food combining recipes: from on 2003-01-29

Does this Chilie recipes stay with in the limits of food combining? Gimme lean meatless substitute, onions, green and red peppers, black and kidney beans and a tomato based sauce and spices

Recipes: from on 2004-06-04


I am just considering starting the Hay diet. Does anybody have any books they can recommend with interesting recipes

Re: food combining recipes: from on 2004-08-17

I am trying to stick to food combining, but I am having problems with what to eat. I would like some recipes to make it easy to eat correctly

Re: Recipes: from on 2005-01-16

The food combining bible is excellent - look on amazon - they have it there so you can see what it looks like. It has over 200 recipies and tons of interesting info

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