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Re Recipes: from Candy on 2005-06-01

Food Combining for Health -by Doris Grant & Jean Joice has some good recipes, Leslie Kentons "Biogenic Diet" and also The Food Combining Cookbook by Erwina Lidolt

Re Any recipes for wheat free diets: from pamela on 2006-04-26

I am trying to start food combining, I an vegiterian (ovo lacto). Recently I have had digestive problems and I believe this is due to the fact I have been eating cooked foods and not raw. I an just trying to grasp the basics but fruits and bananas confuse me a little. Any cooking recepies would be good!

Lard in your recipes: from Joanna on 2006-05-13


I have now got your book and am looking through the recipes.

You have 'lard' listed for cripsbreads (eg sunflower) ~ is there any reason why this shouldn't be changed to butter or olive oil as we don't eat lard?

Thanks again for your time,


Lard in your recipes: from Peter on 2006-05-13

Lard is the traditional ingredient, but you can change it. It is a hard fat, so it helps to produce the biscuit texture.
I do use olive oil, so it does work.

combining recipes: from sarah on 2006-06-08

Are there any good sites online that people can point me to for recipes. I think ive got the theroy worked out but need to work on recipes i can share with my family.

Re Any recipes for wheat free diets: from elizabeth on 2006-07-23

i have an allergy to wheat and gluten but am on a food combining diet. could you please give me a wheat free reecipe that i can eat with my food combining diet

please get back to me elizabeth

Re Any recipes for wheat free diets: from Peter on 2006-07-23

If you look on the gluten-free cookery site you will see that there are a number of flours that can be substituted for wheat.


Also large numbers of recipes.

Re Recipes: from bobgrace on 2006-08-19

We had a book by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond named Fit For Life many years ago regarding food combining and used it for one of my many million diets and now I can't find it. What I'm looking for is a 2 or 3 week menu plan for health reasons as now I am not in good health and have decided to change the way I've been eating to improve my well being. I'm not looking for a quick fix this must be a lifetime commitment. So far what I have found on my computer about food combining has seemed good and then when I read the next theory it's contradictory to the last one. I would like to start out on the right track if possible. I's hard too when there are only two of us at home now and food will just spoil if I don't plan ahead and make it interesting. What can anyone suggest for us. Grace & Bob

Re: Recipes: from courtney smith on 2007-05-16

hello, my name's courtney and I just stumbled across this forum. hopefully, you haven't stopped checking out this page! there's a great book on living at your full potential, healthwise, and also a book of properly combined recipes called food combining made easy by Herbert Shelton. enjoy

Re Any recipes for wheat free diets: from Martha on 2007-11-18

Hi, my mother has been using sprouted wheat flour [sprouted then dried then ground] for her foods and is not allergic to them as she is with regular wheat flour. However, it seems to be crunchier than regular whole wheat flour.

When we soak the wet ingredients together overnight it makes them really soft and nice. I have seen recipes for peanut butter cookies with corn starch used instead of flour, I didn' try it but sounded interesting

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