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Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2003-10-13

Hi Peter,

As a new comer to food combining, I have found a couple of things in the book that I find confusing.
Firstly, there is a recipe for an alkaline meal that is the original muesli and it includes rolled oats or oatmeal. I have seen this and wheatmeal being used in a neutral meal. Why is is acceptable when they can be used when they are starch items?

Secondly, Cooked tomatoes seem to be a no no on the diet but I can't find anything to explain why. I am guessing that they form a lot of acid when they are cooked so does this mean that a tomato sauce can not be used for a sauce for pasta?

Thank you in advance


Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from Peter on 2003-11-08

The original diet devised by Dr Howard Hay does not include this acid / alkaline foods business.

This has been added by some journalist / money grabbing writers who simply didn't understand the scientific terminology that Dr Howard Hay uses. he refers to the alkaline earth elements in his food analyses. This is a reference to foods rich in calcium, nothing to do with the pH ( acid or alkalie) .

Simply ignore anything about acid and alkaline foods.


Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2003-11-10

Thanks Peter but why is it not advisable then to eat cooked tomatoes

Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from Peter on 2003-11-16

I have never been able to find any basis for this advice! As far as I am concerned these are a very healthy part of the diet.


Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2003-11-17

Thanks again Peter,

I have read that certain foods have been found to aggrevate muscular-skeletal conditions aslo fibromyalgia. It seems that green peppers, cooked tomatoes and aubergines are some of the culprits. Being a long term sufferer of back and associated pains, I have found that they are worse when eating these foods. I find this very frustrating as I love all of them and they are all nutritious. The reason given is that they form acid when digested. Does anyone else have the same problem

Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2004-04-06

Green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and also white potatos all aggravate arthritis. They are in the nightshade family of plants, of which many species are outright toxic. Could be these edible members retain a few toxic components which are giving you difficulty. Have you tried magnesium to help with the muscle pain?

It's given me and my partner great relief from fibro

Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2004-04-06

Thanks Amy, I have been told by my chiropractor about these foods bring part of the nightshade family so I try to avoid them but I love tomatoes so I do eat them in small quantities. I have taken magnesium but didn't really find any diference. I'll give it another go whilst cutting down on the nightshade foods

Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from Peter on 2004-04-11

People vary in their bodies ability to detoxify natural chemicals in various foods.
As Amy says, a few people have difficulty with peppers and tomatoes. Most people can eat these without any problem.
Lettuce also gives some people problems. The commonest adverse reactions to food are linked to gluten in wheat and to soya products.
These questions are not linked to food combining for most people.


Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from on 2004-06-07

I eat a lot of vegetabves including green peppers, cooked tomatoes and aubergines and find it just great.
Cooked tomatoes have lycopen which is said to help men prevent prostrate cancer, theis is a hefty recommendation that must be examined.

And I eat a lot of lettuce, all kinds and hues, with tamato, chopped onion, celery,carrots, broccoli, endives, chicory, and I dress it with my vinaigraitte sauces; which make the delight of my guests.

I've been on this "diet" for over a year now, exercising frequently, and I can say that at my just completed 59 I am much fitter and healthier than in many years.

On parties and eating out, sometimes I step out of sight of Mr. Hay, but it is so rare I guess it doe not so bad. In self serve restaurants, very commom here in Rio, one can easily stay within the regimen.

One thing is sure: When you deviate from the combination your body feels it. At the toilet you know for certain something is amiss.

It even makes one feel that getting old is an option.

One thing Inobody comments here: Alcohol ingention. Wine before and during the meal, hard liquor before a meal

Re: Rolled oats and Oatmeal: from Beate Epp on 2007-12-12

Hello, I am new to the Hay Diet and am wondering how to combine tomatoes... is it ok to combine them with grains? As a tomato is a fruit but handled as a veggie... how about that? Should I use them as a hight water content veggie??

Thanks very much for your answer, I like this board :))